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Bankroll Management :O help!! :P

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  • Bankroll Management :O help!! :P

    Every time i seem to make a deposit on a site i am always drawn to go up in stakes on every bad run i go on, and of never ends well :L
    i've done this time after time and watched videos on how to manage your bankroll etc. however still having no success in controlling my tilt :P
    any tips????

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    They say the first step to recovery is when you see the need to recover. So let's try and take that second step. If the problem with your bankroll is tilt, then address that issue first.

    1 ---- What causes you to tilt?
    An easy question, yet the hardest to answer. Losing is a normal part of poker, so no using that as a reason. It is an excuse. Bankroll management is suppose to help you weather such storms. Remember the fools who try doubling up at the casino when they start losing. It doesn't work there, and it will lead to trouble online.

    2 ---- Do you tilt after a certain number of losses? (hands or games?)
    If you find yourself tilting after X number of games, you might be mentally exhausted. If your usual game is tourneys, reduce the number played per day or session. If you're playing ring, you might be playing too many tables at one time.

    3 ---- How much distractions?
    Tilt can mean tired more than bad decisions since one leads to the other. Schedule your play during a time when you are relaxed. Trying to decide if this is a call or push situation with the television going, the kids screaming, the wife talking, and the dog asking to go outside isn't helping.

    4 ---- Are you lying to the man in the mirror?
    If you get to a point where good bankroll management tells you to go down, do you? Bankroll management isn't just a system that will move you up all the time. Be ready, and willing, to go down a level when necessary. Pushing at the wrong time can make you desperate, which is a step from tilting.

    5 ---- Is bad luck causing your tilt?
    We all know luck is part of poker, otherwise, the hands would be decided pre flop. If your tilt comes after that big hand gets cracked, you might want to track the results of that hand. We all remember losing aces, but nobody recalls the winning hands. Keeping a record might give you the confidence to make the proper call and accept the consequences when you know the odds should favor you.

    Once you can identify and overcome that tilt issue, bankroll management is next. Lots of people here can offer suggestions. Only you can apply them.


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      PokerStars Lobby > Requests > Responsible Gaming

      Give that a try. You can restrict the game limits that you can play, and if you decide to raise them, it'll take a day for the changes to take effect. It'll give you some time to cool down when you go on tilt, without blowing your bankroll.


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        Try setting your filters so that you can only see the games that you need to see, it has other uses, I once registered for a $50 late reg meaning to join the $5 game above it

        Edit, thankfully it wasn't a $500 as I had that in my account at that stage...
        Bracelet Winner


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          It's all about discipline..Some have it some don't...
          Try out this calculator to see what your maximum buy in should be....

          "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"


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            thanks for all the feedback



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