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How can I improve my game?

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  • How can I improve my game?

    Hello everyone,

    I am an absolute noob when it comes to poker. In fact, I've been playing for less than 24 hours. On Pokerstars, I am playing Texas Holdem full circle, no limit.

    I eventually want to play for real money, but I know that I am a long way from doing that because I honestly don't know what I'm doing.

    I've watched the first three or four "Level 1" poker basics videos found here

    It seems like quite a lot of information and vocabulary to absorb, and I've been taking some notes.

    Basically, what I've been doing on Pokerstars is playing like I am on auto-pilot. It seems like I fold way too much even though I continuously get dealt bad hands. I'm not sure if you're supposed to fold so much.

    I start with the minimum buy-in (40) and just fold anything I don't like. The highest I've ever ended with was ~200.

    A friend of mine told me that I should play 4 tables simultaneously just so that I can get faster at reading boards.

    He also told me to always have 50* the buy in to manage my bankroll before I start playing for microsteaks which is 0.01/0.02.

    But yeah, that's really all I know right now and I sort of feel like I'm stuck.

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    You're one step ahead of me when I was a beginner ... I used to play every single hand! People would get soooo frustrated with me ('fish', 'burro', etc)

    I didn't know any better!

    Hopefully somebody'll be along soon who's better able to get you started with a plan ... GL at the tables, and welcome!!


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      Hi Neil141! Welcome to the fourm. For someone brand new to the game, I'd recommend that you start with the courses, then the videos and live training sessions. You can also post any hands that you have a question on in the hand analysis sections. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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        Hi Neil141! Welcome to the forum.

        I'd say you're ahead of where I was when I joined PSO, too. I was itching to deposit as soon as I could. It's great that you're committed to learning a good foundation of the game before you deposit. You'll pick up the vocab eventually, it just takes a good amount of time seeing and hearing it used.

        One piece of advice that I'd give you is to not multitable. When you play more than one table at once, your concentration is divided, which results in autopilot play and keeps you from actually learning from the things that you see. Play one table until you see yourself winning and feel that you're successful, and then consider adding tables.

        These are the two hand analysis forums, one for cash game play, the other for tournament play. They are excellent places to post hands that you play for review; there are a number of forum contributors who'd be happy to give you advice on how to approach the hands that you play.

        Here's a place you can post more general educational questions about poker:

        I hope some of that helps, and I hope to see you around the forums!


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          Hello are you aware american players are unable to partitipate for real money games at the moment?. Hopefully the laws will be changed soon on this though.
          However if you are a novice player and need to learn the basics,you are in deed in the one and only useful place to be on the entire net.
          I recommend continue practicing here, so that when you can play for real cash, you all ready have your basic fundamentals in place.
          Free chip practice is great to start, you are in fact doing the right thing. As to folding on free play,its practice,preflop <before any cards are drawn out> play most hands do not worry,get use to the dynamics and have fun.
          Keep watching videos on here, and asking questions no matter how strange the question.
          Once you are confident you know the table dynamics and are comfy you know how the basic game works, if not all ready, come back on here and ask about starting hands<hole cards>.
          People on here then can help you with a range of hands to play.
          The first thing I would look at is posistion play this is the most important begginner aspect to learn,
          best posistion to play any hand is from the button <dealer chip>.Start this as your basis to your game.

          Example 79 suited on the button is good
          79 suited UTG <under the gun> first to act is not so good

          Hope this helps you and if you need any more help just ask,


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            As Holdemace said, American players cannot play for real money here. Blame the DOJ for that.

            Now the old hedgehog is American and can offer some help. First thing to decide is what kind of game you intend playing. By this, I am referring to ring games or tourneys. There are differences.

            Ring games:
            Stick to the basic lessons and those related to the various ring games. Since players come and go in these like the tide, you'll need a good handle on the fundamentals. Play your game serious and don't worry about the nut cases you'll meet. If anything, learn to exploit them. There are ways.

            My suggestion would be to stick with the SNG (sit and go) games. Again, you'll find lots of material available for training. The time investment is modest. I find the 27-player games run 90 minutes. Moxie can tell you about the 45-player games. If you check out the Challenge Forum, you'll find my American challenge and Moxie's cowboy challenge for Americans.

            You asked about folding. Yes, it will be your best weapon. I'm not sure about the ring games, but you'll find yourself throwing away 80% of your hands. That's normal for tourneys. The idea is to find playabe hands where the percentages favor you.

            Got specific questions about the site, use the PM system and contact one of the moderators.

            Until we meet across the virtual felt, I'll wish you luck.


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              Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

              Yeah, I heard that you cannot play for real money in the U.S. anymore, but I have been told that is going to change soon. I'm not sure.

              Anyways, I came across this graph here on FP coach to help with position,
    *zIhBam...J/FPcoach7.swf but I have no idea what it means. I don't know if anyone is familiar with it or the author.

              Also what does 0.01/0.02 mean? are those the blinds on microsteaks? And what would the minimum buy-in be on lowest steaks like that?

              On Pokerstars, I've filtered to only find NL games, but the minimum buy in always seems to be 40.

              I think I am going to stick to ring games. It seems like right now what I'm doing is just folding so consistently that I am just losing play money from blinds. Oh well, I got a lot of reading and notes to take so I'll look at those links.
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