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Opr stats

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  • Opr stats

    Do these OPR Stats look any good to you? Or are they poor stats?

    I just copied and pasted the NLHE Stats

    Game * Prizes Profit ROI ABI AFS R/A ITM ITM
    Hold'em NL $4,173 $913 28% $6.43 4780 19% 62/507 12%

    Any comments appreciated....

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    Not to sure if my total profit is any good compared to the total won?

    Any body got suggestions?


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      I think that a 28% ROI is not too shabby at all and the main thing it shows is that you are a winning player....... I'd like to see a slightly higher ITM % maybe in the 18 - 26 % range at a minimum but otherwise it's all good. Raiser umbup:

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        Sample size is really to hard to judge,you want to aim for at least 1k in tourneys to look at the true
        skill level and how you are doing.

        Anything over 15% is good for tourneys over the long run. You wont see many over that amount with a huge sample size.


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          Think u are ryt Raiser, i thought my ITM wasn't great, alot of nearly there tournies, near bubble, would drive ya nuts at the tym, guess it's part of my game i need to improve. Will have to try and improve my ITM results over the next few months.

          IseeCookies, i agree with you also, 507 tournies isn't a massive sample size, but when i think of the hours infront of the computer playing all of those tournies, wow, days of my life, probably weeks at this stage, lol..

          Thanx for your comments guys....


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            Hi Briany84! One thing that you will not want to do is that when you're trying to raise your ITM %, do not pass up taking shots around the bubble with premium hands. These extra chips that you can get in this situation will greatly help the ROI number by making it easier to make a deep run. To raise it, what you can do is that if you're a short stack near the bubble, wait unitl after the bubble to shove... instead of shoving under 10BB just on the other side of the bubble. Hope this helps!umbup: John (JWK24)

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              I agree with cookies the sample size is too small.

              Also, your ROI as stated is not accurate as you've turned off the R/A estimate (rebuy/add on estimate), and since you've played almost 100 rebuy tournaments out of your 507 game sample that has a huge impact. Turn the R/A estimate on and it lists your ROI as -5%. Of course that's just an estimate as they can't actually track rebuys, so if you are playing a lot of these events (which you are) it is best to track this yourself directly, either in a stat tracker or set up a spreadsheet to monitor it so you have your actual true expenses and can calc your ROI accurately.

              For a good comparison of finish %, itm, etc... check out our MTT trainers ahar010 for 45 & 90 mans (sample size is 622 games in these so not 1K yet but will give you a good idea) and ChewMe1 who plays 180's and larger (51% ROI over 7K games).

              Hope this helps,
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                End of the day dont play to get your stats up,I used to min-cash like a idiot passing on chances to put myself in the top 20 near the bubble. Its creeps back into my game from time to time and I hate myself for it.

                As for rebuys,it really sucks how OPR keeps track of these and I tend to stay away from them because of that. They also dont keep track of satelited tourneys and just write them down as a loss when in all actuality you got in on FPPs.

                Listen to TheLangolier and you cant go wrong.


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                  Hi guys, thanx to you all for your replys, i appreciate it loads..

                  Dave thanks for spotting that i had the R/A feature turned off, i never knew that 2b honest, i am farely new to OPR and checking my stats..

                  What i would say or ask u is, do u know how does OPR "estimate", i mean how many re buys, add ons do they "estimate" people taking?

                  I will agree, it seems like i am playing alot of R/A tournies, 20% OPR says, what i will say that in most R/A mtts i play, i tend not to re buy at all, i do try and avoid a rebuy, i will take the add on but as i said i try and avoid a re buy..

                  So if OPR is estimating people take X amount of rebuys, when in all reality i take very little or no re buys my overall ROI % must differ, in this instance OPR is in accurate, would you agree?

                  Keeping track off my stats personaly seems like a valid suggestion..

                  So thanx guys, R.Raise85, John, Dave and IseeCookies, cheers....
                  Last edited by Briany84; Wed Feb 29, 2012, 02:48 AM. Reason: More waffle to add, lol



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