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PSO what have you learned?

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  • PSO what have you learned?

    Hello fellow PSO'ers!

    So I've been a member of PSO for a while and have learned lots of stuff from this site by watching the videos, training sessions, and getting one on one help from some really cool members.

    I've learned stuff about bet sizing, starting hands, reading opponents, patience in tournaments, when to push when to fold, bankroll stuff, and alot of other interesting things.

    Most of what I have learned is more about tournaments because thats mainly what Im into.

    I think my game has improved some over the past year I have been a member. Im not saying that Im super awesome or whatever but like I think I can do ok sometimes.

    So what about you guys what have you learned from PSO? Has this site helped you improve your poker skills?

    Thanks for reading this
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    Poker school as learnt me the biggest lesson in poker,discipline.


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      Cool umbup:
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        If nothing else, I've learned what a good hand is. Before here, I was one of those "golden aces" type of player. Had modest success. Thanks to the lessons, I have a better idea of what hands are playable. Though I'm relegated to play money, I'm still able to take my lessons to the poker clubhouse live game in our community. I'm making it to the final table on a more consistent basis and finishing in the money on a near routine basis.

        (You watch, the poker gods will take offense and I'll not see a final table for the rest of the year.)


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          PSO taught me how to win, between the live training, videos, and hand analysis (not to mention the great practice sessions JDean puts on), I've learned a ton. I've had lots of help along the way, and it's available to all who ask. There's been a few bumps in the road lately, but this is still the best place to learn how to play poker. umbup:umbup:umbup:
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            i havent learned anything that s why i m still here!!!
            seriously i ve gone from playing 30-35% of my hands down to 20 or so.ITM has stayed the same and roi has improved(not enough yet).

            now if i could fix that leak between my ears and APPLY what i ve learned, believe my reads and use the fold button, i ll be great. (i d settle for ok)

            gl y all
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              Originally posted by wetmoose 613 View Post

              now if i could fix that leak between my ears and APPLY what i ve learned, believe my reads and use the fold button, i ll be great. (i d settle for ok)

              gl y all
              I hear ya!

              I was going to say:
              bad news= I am the problem.
              good news= The only thing I have any control over is me.

              Still a work in progress....


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                I improved 100% from totally donk to half donk

                Skilled learn from here now compliments my LUCK.

                I can value bet passive chaser and 3bet the limper

                Still working on my hand reading


                roomik no more Q6o it's Q8 now...LOL
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                  I have learned that I was not as good of a poker player as my ego told me I was.
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                    I have learned a lot about the game of poker, which I thought I knew already. More importantly are the odds, that I had no idea there was so much about. I always thought it was "really" the way the cards are dealt. I really do like this site much more thatn others I have tried.


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                      It taught me patience.

                      That donks are at all levels of play, and that you need to have patience if you want to go deep in any tournament.



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                        Hey P-Hit, that Q8 is solid dude, think I may replace my K5suited with it..... lmao umbup:


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                          Originally posted by shirshot View Post
                          I have learned that I was not as good of a poker player as my ego told me I was.
                          Wow there is some honesty!

                          This is a great question Pokerstar and as a follow up, with all that we have learned on here how have we or rather have we changed our game to make a difference? What I am obviously asking is how has your bankroll changed and I hope the answer is for the better.

                          For me personally I can't thank Spacegravy enough for sharing his videos as he has helped me climb up the ladder of the sng's and taught me to focus as well.

                          The Langolier is also one of the best coaches we have on this site. His knowledge of the game is far above where mine will ever likely be and in addition he treats the game very professionally.

                          The bottom line for me is our bankroll and is it growing? We are here to learn and there are many different styles and opinions and no 1 way to play.

                          Giddy Up!


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                            Well a few things,

                            Like Morganhottie said, patience for one thing,

                            But taking notes and railing players have helped a ton.

                            Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                              My game has improved incredibly thanks to everyone here. And I can't even begin on how much I've learned. But the most important thing I learned is that well... learning never ends.