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omaha and heads-up need help

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  • omaha and heads-up need help


    need help. gonna play my omaha and heads-up. any advice or articles to read

    need to get ready for my MOM tickets this saturday.

    post articles and tips here so that i can finish my MOM with a Bang.

    I will practice these games till friday

    thank you

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    Hi Marvin!

    For the heads-up games, be sure to watch every video that Andre (HoRRoR77) has in the video library. Here's a link.

    Good luck!

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thank you Sir John,

      how about the omaha?


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        Search Omaha Hi on the internet, there are a lot of good articles out there, but if you haven't played you'll be at a disadvantage. It's not the kind of game you can pick up in a week IMO.

        Bracelet Winner


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          so that i can finish my MOM with a Bang
          Careful about writing that sort of thing Marv
          You're probably on a few surveillance lists now on suspicion of intended matricide...
          (Sorry, my surname gets the better of me sometimes

          About the Omaha, as you say, practice.
          Tough game. High risk.
          If you have opponents that consistently raise pre-flop, or even the flop, it's bingo time.
          It's very much a turn-river game.

          Good for practice are obviously the play-money tables, as it tells you the hand, if you're used to Hold'em it can be tricky, and the Astronomers.
          The Tombaugh you can actually get a ticket in, it's got a 6000 cap and it's half holdem, the Halley, good for practice, even there the mortality is so high that playing tight can get you one... even though it's pretty much bingo with that crowd, if you wait until you get a half-reasonable table, then it's playable. Most of the Bingo Boys go out pretty fast, so...

          IMO starting hands are all pretty dodgy at Omaha, even things like AAKK cross-suited, or 4-broadways c/s, so many things can go wrong at this game.

          Nothing like practice, though, is there.


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            Originally posted by Don B. Cilly View Post
            You're probably on a few surveillance lists now on suspicion of intended matricide...

            Awesome reason to get in some emergency poker study. Wish I could help, but I don't think I can ship you my Omaha books in time.


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              Hi Marvin
              I have played a little Omaha lately, (mainly only hi)
              The main thing I have noticed is to make sure your cards are connected.
              The more connected the better and double suited.
              Dont raise preflop unless you are double suited and connected.
              Best hand is AAKK double suite according to reading up on it.
              But hands like QJT9 double suited are good to see a flop
              Or AA78 double suited
              Big pocket pairs with rubbish eg KK28 rainbow are very hard to hit the flop hard.
              One pair hands very rarely win at showdown. Even AA94rainbow dont fair well multiway.
              Hope it helps a little and good luck.


              • #8
                starting my practice sessions with omaha

                i tried to combine omaha nd headsup nl whew it was hard so im just going to try omaha first


                • #9
                  omaha and heads up are hard

                  i'm losing


                  • #10
                    in head up they say you must raise 80% of the time and you can show good and bad card from time to time to confuse your opponent and keep him guessing what card your raising.

                    you must play your opponent and raise ATC , hope oppo raise or shove with your monster

                    once short you must be more aggressive to steal pot.

                    hope it can help, although i have difficulty playing Head up when opposition is very aggressive



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