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Tournament VS. Cash

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  • Tournament VS. Cash

    Been playing more cash than usual lately, and when I do, it seems like my Tournement game suffers for quite a while before I can get back into the swing of it.

    Last month I was finally seeing real impovements in my Tournement play (my main focus since I started realy playing poker last May.) I made my first real cash (Shipped the Bigger $5.50.) toward the end of the month.

    So with some of the money I started playing Cash (been wanting to work on it for a while now, but never had a signifficant bankroll.) At first it was a spew fest. I was playing the 10NLs, and it was durring the 75 Billion hand thing, so I was playing more tables than I should have been. Over approx 1500 hands I dropped just over $30 in about 10 Days.

    I switched over to the 5NLs and throughout February I've grinded my way to more than a $45 profit (11,000+ hands, 16 Days.) Giving me just over a $15 profit for the year so far. SO hooray, I'm happy my Cash game has started to improve.

    But then, over the last couple of days, every time I log on to play a tournement, my resaults are terrible. And almost immediately see the mistakes I'm making, as soon as it's too late to do anything about it! (EDITORS NOTE: I did just manage to final table the Premiere League, but I did make some early mistakes that could have been very costly.)

    Anyway, just as a point of conversation: How do you deal with switching back and fourth between Tournements and Cash Games? And should you even switch back and forth, or should you just concentrate on one for a while?

    What are some of the hardest tendencies to break away from when You're switching back and forth?

    Looking forward to hearind your responses.
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    Great topic bandshooter, I know exactly what you mean as I too always stuff up the change. I take my cash game style to the tourneys and get whipped and vice verser.
    Separating the two becomes hard especially if you have a few wins on the cash tables then switch thinking well my style worked on the cash tables so why not on the tourneys and so on. I would like to hear some ones thoughts on how to avoid this,great one bandshooter.


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      The main difference between tournaments and cash games is the depth of money. Unless your playing short-stacked at cash (not recommended) you are 100+ BBs deep and in tournaments you are hardly ever that deep effective stack. Deep money allows you to make implied odds plays like seeing a flop with 76o on the button for a std raise with a couple of callers which are suicide in shallow money situations.

      My suggestion is to concentrate depth of money awareness until it becomes second nature to you and you should find the transition much easier.

      Good Decisions!


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        Originally posted by BandShooter View Post
        How do you deal with switching back and fourth between Tournements and Cash Games?
        Hi BandShooter, This is not something I've done but your question certainly got me thinking about it. One possible suggestion would be to take a day or two between the transition to review some of the training material on the game structure you are moving into. For example, say you just finished playing a week of cash games take a break for a day to review some videos and books on the tournament games your are going to play next. Maybe play some low buy-in or freeroll/play money tournament games first to get back into the swing of it. Just an idea, not sure how valid it is. Raiser umbup:


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          Thanks for the posts guys.

          Joe, you make a great point about stack sizes. I never really thought about it that way. I suppose there less of a Stack vs. Stack dynamic to worry about in cash as well. I mean size difference does come into play, but not nearly as much as in tournements since your life is never really "On the line" in Cash.

          Something to definately think about.

          Raiser, your suggestion is completely valid, but unfortunately I don't really take that much time to transition. I tend to play mostly cash right now, but then flip over to tournies for things like the PSO and the occational MTT.

          The problem is with Cash I play position strong. And you can get away with that in cash. But it seems to me that while position is important in tournies, there are many other factors that come into play as well, and when I first flip over, I seem to forget that!

          Working on on it. Would still love to hear more discussion on the topic.


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            Stack sizes are just as critical in cash games.

            Playing both cash and tournaments is kind of tough until you get a lot of experience with both. I would probably plan on playing tighter in tournaments primarily for the reason Joe stated. When the blinds go up your often going to find yourself with less than 100BB very fast. Have to play less and less speculative hands and if your stack continues to shrink, it gets to the point where you have to shove preflop or fold. Tournaments definitely have a different dynamic, but just keep at both and you will do fine with more practice.


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              Ok, so stack sizing, and the lack of a "Playing for your life factor," what are the other factors one has to keep in mind when switching between Cash and Tournement play?

              Oh, and do you ever play Cash and Tournements together or always keep the play seperate?


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                Hi BandShooter! Before black friday, I had both tourneys and cash tables up at the same time, especially if I was playing a long, big field MTT. I'd always try to have a cash table open too, to not only help to pass the time, but to make me concentrate more. When I'd do this, the big field tourney would be a no-limit hold'em game almost all of the time and the side table that I'd have open would be either a limit hold'em or a PLO8 table. With it being a different game, it would help with my concentration, as I've got to be sure I'm thinking correctly for whichever table that gets the next hand. I also try to play a bit different styles between tourneys and cash tables too. Tournies, I'll start tight and loosen up as the tourney goes along. At a cash table, I'm much looser from the beginning and play many, many more speculative hands, especially in position.... that I'd be mucking early in a tourney. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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