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When to move to another game?

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  • When to move to another game?


    Before I post my question just want to say that this forum is fantastic. Many interesting hands I saw and learning is fun. I start playing FL Hold'em 0.02$/0.04 and get my bankroll to 50$. I move to the NL Hold'em 0.01$0.02$. I follow this strategy. In FL I seat with 25 big bets(1$ in my past game) and in NL seat with 100 BB (2$ in my current game). I see you suggesting take a seat with maximum allowed money at the table. I buy in for one table about 4% of my stack. After collect 50$ I go to NL. Now i got 75$ and considering to move on FL Hold'em 0.05$/0.10$. In that case my buy in would be 2.50$ which is 4% of my stack. I like to multitabling (about 6 tables). What that move would be a step backward in my progress(moving from NL to FL) or good? I dont like buy in for max(got burned couple of times), make money and than losing it. Any advice is good. Maybe my question is a little foolish but really wondering how other players choose levels in this game. My HUD set me as a tight-passive player if that gives any help.

    Good luck to all!
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    Hi Becar! Going back and forth between FL and NL is neither a step forward nor back... depending on the levels. I would recommend that you look into the max buy-in, especialy for NL, when you start moving up in levels, as the SPR's with buying in for less will make for many harder decisions. Doing a smaller buy-in for FL won't matter as much... as long as you always have enough in your stack to be able to cover max bets on every street, but will make much more of a difference in NL games. In my opinion, being able to move up in both games will acutally be better, as when a variance streak happens, especially at NL, then I could move to FL and build it back up. Knowing both games will make players better. The progression I was making before black friday (I'm in the US) was 2/4FL, then 5/10FL, then 2NL (then took a couple shots at 5NL and hit a variance run that put my bankroll back down in the lower FL games). Someday, I'd like to be able to make up for that variance streak and keep moving up in levels. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      What is FL?

      This thread grabbed my attention because I recenlty decided to try PL games. I was getting so pissed in NL with how all the donks were calling on me -EV hands and still hitting busting me out.

      I have to tell you, so far I feel like the PL game is a better game.

      I feel like my skills come into more effect. It's a little scary because your throwing around real money and can get sucked into a big hand, but I still feel like my skills are more effective in these games.

      People are less likey to call on a hard raise if they don't have anything knowing its going to cost them actual money as opposed to chisseling away at a chip stack that's already paid for.

      Any comments or suggestions on the what adjustments to look out for going from NL to PL?
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        FL is Fixed Limit C-Mac. I'll use the 2 games above to give the layout. .02/.04 FLHE starts with blinds of .01/.02,betting on the flop is in .02 sizes and betting on the turn and river is in .04 sizes. No more,no less. .05/.10 is .02 and .05 blinds with .05 sized bets on the flop and .10 on the last 2 streets. At the micro levels it can be both a profitable and a frustrating game because players will chase to the river with almost any piece of the hand,or any draw or even ace high. I highly recommend playing this a fair amount as the nature of FLHE and how it plays WILL make you a better post flop player simply because you will see so much more post flop play all the way to the river. In fact I think if more players started out playing either nothing but FLHE,or at least made it a very high percentage of their play,there would be many more good players. Happily the don't. umbup: As to the calling less than they would in a SNG (I seem to remember that short field--1 or 2 table--Sit and Goes is you standard game right?...),well that CAN be just the nature of playing ring tables versus,as you said,a game where they have already committed a capped amount of money just to take the seat,as one does in a SNG or MTT. That works BOTH ways though c-mac so be careful of reading too much into the money appearing to be "scared" more on rings. Casual and bad players will most likely see it that way (not the hardcore donks of course,they're gonna be who they are no matter the structure) and will put up less resistance with mediocre hands. BUT the flip side of the coin is an MTT or SNG if you bust,you bust. Game over. On ring tables if it's a table you think you got unlucky on and that you can beat the table,then a good player is going to reload. That makes the regs,the people you need to worry about the most,more likely to open up their range in spots.
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