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  • SnG Buy Ins

    Hi all,

    I have become addicted to SnGs and I was thinking about bankroll management and would like to know how many buy ins should i have before moving up the stakes?

    (sorry if this is addressed elsewhere).


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    Single tables 40 - 60 start with 60 and drop back down if you get to 40
    More tables then need more buy ins up to 100 for 90 /180 man

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      Originally posted by EmotiveKiwi View Post
      Hi all, I have become addicted to SnGs and I was thinking about bankroll management and would like to know how many buy ins should i have before moving up the stakes? (sorry if this is addressed elsewhere). Cheers
      Hi Kiwi, welcome to PSO and the forum. Since this is your first post, we'll forgive you for addressing a topic covered before. Seriously though, there are numerous threads on bankroll management. The easiest way to locate these is to hit the gray search tab above, then click advanced search. Plug in the keywords "bankroll management" and change the drop menu there from searching all posts, to titles only. I go over this in the tips for getting started for new members which you can find by clicking here. Please have a look at these as they'll help you get the most out of the site, in an efficient manner. After you browse them, please let us know if you have any questions. The community here is more than friendly and helpful. umbup: Now on your question, there are differences in opinions on exactly how many buy-ins you should have before moving up, but searching through those threads will give you a good idea. Personally, I would say you need at least 40 buy-ins for sng's. This is much less than mtt's. Some will say you need more, and that is okay, particularly if you're a new player and wish to be cautious. I'm sure some of our other knowledgeable members will also help you in this question. Thanks for joining Poker School Online. Take your time, enjoy, and best o' luck!


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        Hey Kiwi! I try to use 100 buy-ins for them, as I played more of the 27-90 man tournies before black friday, as I'm in the US. I also try to use 100 for mtt's and 10% for cash tables. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Thanks for all the input guys appreciate it. I have only been playing SnGs for last few days playing mostly 0.25 cent 45-mans, one 90-man, a $1.50 single table KO and a $1 45-man. Made a Net Profit of $16.36. My total bankroll is around $110. I guess i'll stick to the $1 SnGs

          Again sorry about posting a topic previously covered, I did a search for Sit and Go and SnG but got no search returns I guess i should have searched for bankroll management.

          Thanks all


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            Hi Kiwi!

            All questions like that are good ones. Trust me, you're not the only one that can use this type of information.

            John (JWK24)

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              Here's an excellent thread on another site that you should read. Whether you follow the advice or not is up to you, but it is highly respected advice.


              I also play SNG's, and I specialize in 9-player SNG's. I use a 50 BI rule because I don't like the idea of losing 25% of my bankroll before I hit my stoploss (which has happened before), because losing a lot of money tilts me. I prefer to keep as big a buffer as I can on my roll so that I can afford to hit downswings. Playing single-table tournaments, I regularly hit downswings of over 10 BI's. My biggest downswing to date was 39 BI's. If you play multi-table SNG's, then your downswings will naturally be higher, so you would need a bigger bankroll to compensate. Also keep in mind that as you move up in stakes, you will be playing against better players, so your variance will go up and your ROI will go down.

              Good luck in your games! I love SNG's, too. They are a lot of fun and can be a great way to boost your bankroll. Hope this helps!


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                If you're addicted to the SNG game, consider joining the monthly Cowboy challenge. You can find it in the challenge forum. Depending on your stakes, you have a chance to snag a Step One ticket and those all important bragging rights.



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