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20 VPP's

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  • 20 VPP's

    How can I rack up 20 VPP's by the end of the month with only a $10 bankroll. What's the biggest payout.

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    *** Moved *** Moved to a more appropriate forum. With a $10 bankroll I'd suggest the 1/2c cash tables. Play your 'A' game. It's the best advice I can give. Maybe someone else can come up with a better suggestion. Wishing you every success at the tables! Raiser umbup:

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      I have gained 50 so far playing $0.25 games umbup:


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        i have played 250 games, all SNG or MTT, average buy in 41c, and have 17vpp...

        no, 20!!!!! yes!!!!
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          ok..this is weird...which one do I go on?

          1. If I go to Cashier, then middle bottom button, My Bonus Status, it says I have collected 57 vpp.

          2. If I go to Cashier, then VIP Status, it says I have 20.48 vpp.

          The whole confusing thing!!!!! and then you have FPP needs to be simpified methinks, I don't understand!!!!!!!!!


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            ahhh.I think one, the VIP Status, is points this month, the other is overall.....


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              Click cashier Click VIP status This month: xx.xx umbup:


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                Which type of games were you playing , tourney or 0.25 cash tables


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                  I got 148 VPP in 4 days

                  But invested 58$ and 10 minute ago I spent last $

                  First played FL then started NL2,for very VERY little time played NL5,played 1 tournament of 11$buy in and 1 of 5.5$ buyin.

                  Played TAG.


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                    1c/2c, 5.73hr, 65 session 6.57 VPP...


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                      As Keldraco's figures suggest, play TAG for an hour a day at $2NL and you should get there with minimum risk to your BR.


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                        I like to play 6 max cash. You can play à lot of hands in à short time.
                        I personaly played 2/5 NLHE and am wel over 170 vpp's in i think about 6 says. With à $20 BR shame i blew most of it afterwards on low stake MTT's lol


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                          Originally posted by LeadFoot46 View Post
                          How can I rack up 20 VPP's by the end of the month with only a $10 bankroll. What's the biggest payout.

                          1/2c no limit holdem set your filters up in your poker client, set them to 40% vpip that way you avoid nitty tables, take notice of how many hands are played per hour before you join one i.e 150+ hands the tables pretty much just started and filled up instantly, look for a table with less hands played per hour it means the players are playing hands, then sit back and play a TAG style only playing good starting hands and watch them vpp,s shoot up

                          GL in future. (Paul)


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                            Originally posted by LeadFoot46 View Post
                            Which type of games were you playing , tourney or 0.25 cash tables
                            He was playing 45 man 25 cent sit and go's

                            The reality is play the game you are good at, boost your bank roll and don't worry about VPP's yet.

                            I am guessing to want to attend a restricted training or watch a restricted video or earn the higher prize in the leugue. all of these things will be there next month or the month after so consentrate on your strongest game and soon you will have the VPP's you need without thinking about it.

                            you can use this to see how many you will earn at you current game.


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                              well I made about 115 vpp so far this month from $10 I playe 5c/10c NL Holdem play pretty tight and can catch some the loose players out also played some small stakes omaha can make points fast at that if in plenty pots



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