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How to deal with donks?

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  • How to deal with donks?

    Was wondering how or what is the best way to deal with a "donk" in micro SNG

    Example, I open Early position with AhQh, One caller from the sb
    Flop Kc8d4c
    Sb leads out for half the pot?

    What is the best line to take, fold? Check raise? Call and see what he does on the turn?

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    Hi Jonto,

    How much did you open for?

    Had this villain been calling raises oop and donk betting frequently?

    Given no other information I assume blind players calling raises and donk betting to have hit something.

    I hope you are finding PSO useful.



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      You have Ace-queen suited
      Board doesn't pair and nothing in your suit.
      Pot = 3 times the big blind (you, the SB, and the BB who checked or sit-out fold)
      SB opens with a raise equal to half the pot post flop.
      Since BB isn't mentioned, he was a sit-out.

      Early rounds - (1-3):
      Will call once if the player has shown he is either super aggressive or the donk you claim. The hand is essentially a head to head match. Worth the cheap price to see the turn, but be ready to fold if your hand doesn't improve.

      Later rounds:
      Why are you considering a call? Let him have it since anything, including the 4 paired, will beat your hand. Don't chase at this point. Also note that the pot isn't that huge, not worth the fight if it were me. This is based on what information we have.


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        Hi Jonto15,

        If I was playing it, I'm folding to that bet on the flop. These normally have some pretty bad play in them and I'd wait until I get a made hand to be betting. Bluffing in these, unless the opp is one of the better players at this level, is normally a recipe for disaster.
        I agree that Joe's ?'s could also play into my thoughts and could change my answer.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hi jonto.

          Without specific,well-founded reads (meaning you have a "book" of at least a couple hundred hands on the player in question...)bluffing is almost always a recipe for disaster at the micro level.

          At these levels I would be willing to bet that the villain has some piece of this flop 99 times out of 100. Players in these games tend to be pretty bad with their bet-sizing and let you know when they have it.

          Bottom line if you feel you have a skill edge on the majority of the players in the game then you don't have to force things. Let them make mistakes and come to you,because more often than not that's exactly what they will do.

          If it's me in this spot I fold and wait for a better opportunity. If I was short stacked here pre-flop (12BB or less) than I'm shipping pre to begin with. Again at these levels you'll get called with a very wide range so AQs is a definite "go" hand.


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            Hi there, This is something you will see alot at microstakes, so lets look at the player more closely, up until this point was the player a tight player? if so to me he,s only calling out of position to set mine so the half size pot donk bet might of been tricky play to induce you to go all in, on the other hand if this players a loose player well straight away you know calling on the sb is really bad play if he can't raise the hand he certainly should not be playing it so he probably had 2 painted cards or 2 suited cards and he probably hit that flop so its a fold, don't let this frustrate you i had exactly the same situation a couple fo games ago i just laughed then 3 hands after the op tried the same move again but this time i had hit i got him to commit all his chips and he turns over K5 he hit bottom pair and handed all his chips over to me, with only 1 over card and only the chance of a back door straight you have got no choice but to fold there, and even if you do complete by this time he might of already hit his flush. Just my opinion umbup: Gl in the future. (Paul)


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              Originally posted by jonto15 View Post
              Was wondering how or what is the best way to deal with a "donk" in micro SNG

              Example, I open Early position with AhQh, One caller from the sb
              Flop Kc8d4c
              Sb leads out for half the pot?

              What is the best line to take, fold? Check raise? Call and see what he does on the turn?
              My opinion a lot would say does not count,but as a classed fish,donk lol ill tell you my thoughts,hopefully you had ran opr on this guy to see if your feelings were correct and indeed he was a donk? so your suspisistion are correct lets say,i had two thoughts,he hhit 2 pair with his donk skills,or was actually trying be clever playing ak,either way an easy fold on that occassion.
              How to deal with donks,will never ever be answered corectly ,reason i say this is because donks dont know them selves what they are gong to do next,a lot of there plays are spur of the moment moves on any two cards,e.g ou 3 bet i re raise all in just on a any 2 bluff,because thats just what donks do,they see the pros on tele doing this so they think they have to do it,and so on and so on,
              to be honest i have a problem myself and do keep mixing it with the wrong player,i.e lags or donks,i try to out donk the donk,play tag against tag,and so on ,
              its in the mindset to beat a donk,try to think wat they would think thats my thoughts


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                Thanks for the replys, I have found that unless you have a solid read on the player it is best to just give up unless you have a good piece of the flop



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