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When to go to bigger stakes?

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  • When to go to bigger stakes?

    Hi all.

    Currently I am out of pocket about 3G over the past 2-3 years.

    I make deposit approx $25 once a month (it's cheaper than going to the movies). I seem to be able to double it, even tripple it. I'm not an expert and I think my poker skills are good. But every time I move up in stakes, I just run into a better hand or get sucked out and lose my roll.

    How do I stop this from happening? Please do not say "slug it it out low stakes games".
    When (if ever) do I get a break?

    I do not believe that online poker is rigged, on the contrary, a player must be more than aware and evaluate every action taken from every player and I respect the subtle differences between online and bricks and mortar games.. I do not believe that I am a bad player either.

    My question is: from a $25 deposit, doubling or trippling up, what is the next move?

    I prefer .5/.10 PLO cash games. $7 NL 18 seater SNG and $3 rebuy tourneys.

    My comfort zone is .5/.10 PLO and $7 NL 18 seater Holdem. Tonight I stepped outside my comfort zone, I hopped into a $1/$2 PLO game. Sat with approx $67. Within less than 5 mins was above $100. Then I get caught up in a hand.... I flopped trips and an open ended straight draw, my opponent pushed all in on the turn for about $60+ and I had to call. "BAMM" hit his flush on the river.

    Based upon the info provided, what games should I be playing and why?

    Appreciate some feedback.
    Thank you.
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    Keep to your comfort zone and dont take all your bankroll to the tables.umbup:


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        Hi Aus-Redda! Here are the numbers that I try to use for bankroll management. Everyone has their own numbers and comfort levels for them, but this is what I try to stick to. cash tables: I always sit down with the max buy-in and do not want to sit down with any amount over 10% of my cash games bankroll. This way, I have enough set aside to grind thru a variance swing. mtt: I try to never enter a tourney (unless I satellite into it) for over 1/100th of my bankroll. The variance swings in these will tend to be much larger, so personally, I use 1/100th of my bankroll in these, compared to 1/10th for a cash table. sng: I use a much more conservative number than others here. Some players will use 1/25th or 1/50th of your bankroll as a max buy-in for these. I normally use the 1/100th of my bankroll, just like an mtt (will lower it to 1/75th, depending on the type of sng). If I get my bankroll to a level where I can safely move up in level (and have a +ROI at the current level, making money at the current level, as I won't move up if I'm not positive at what I'm currently playing), then I will move up. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables. umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Slug it out at the lower stakes....

          Sorry i know you said not to say it but its very true.....Untill you have 100 buy-ins for the higher level, that way when you take a hit at the higher level you can take it.

          I speak from experiance, i like you would deposit once twice 3 times a month its cheaper than the pub right. BUt i would play 10 25 c tables with $50 bank roll to bad beats and your done.

          SO i read some posts here At PSO and took some challanges 100 25 cent sit and gos and wow i get my 2 month tokon this month for not depositing.


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            Hi Aus,

            The first step is to work on learning and improving your game. Until you become a profitable player, bankroll management will only determine how long until your next deposit.

            One of the reasons br management guidelines like those given above are recommended, and you only move up when your br has grown to be commensurate with the next level buy in within your guidelines, is that it assures you have at least demonstrated you are making a profit at your current level (and when you take shots and they don't work out, you can return to that level and grind it back up).

            Regardless of how good a player you are, sitting in games with a roll of 5 buy ins or less for that level is a recipe for getting broke. Just due to sheer variance alone your risk of ruin is enormous on this small a br. In fact it's probably inevitable playing this short. What happens is when you get ahead, you're moving up so that you're still playing on a super short roll (relative to the new stakes). You're setting yourself up to go broke just by regular normal variance.

            So when people say grind it out in the lower games... that's why... it's how this will stop happening month after month.

            Good luck!

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