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Help needed with my Bankroll, please

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  • Help needed with my Bankroll, please


    I'm having a great time here, but I need to get some sort of focus on building my bankroll.

    My bankroll at the start was around £77 US.

    My best game is the 9 seat, non turbo SNG. As we all know, and it has happened to me, (on another site) downswings are bloomin' horrible. So, even though I have about 50-odd Buy-Ins to just play 9 Seat SNG, I won't because I am frightened of losing it.

    Plus I would love to play in the larger field games, once I have been educated. That is my target, MTT like the Big 2 etc, and larger SNG's.

    So, my BR is for learning, that is my attitude, but I do not want to lose it all. But, it needs to slowly grow. It is, very slowly.!!

    I have played around 150 games, I don't do the Cash Games btw.

    Of which, 20% of my games (30) have been $1.50 9 Seat SNG , mainly Knockout non turbo.
    I have returned , near as dammit, a 50% profit so far, on my outlay on these games. (I know that 50% is not a sustainable figure)

    The rest of the games, apart from 3 or 4 Pokerschool events costing $1.10, are made up of the 0.02c 990 seat, 0.10c 360 seat, 0.25 45 seat, a few 90 seat too, and a few 0.50 c MTTSNG's.
    I don't do so well on this lot, I'm losing my BR, but I want to learn and improve.

    So apart from answers like "do all the courses first", how would you gear my ratio of 9 SEAT sng, to the other games I am not as good at, but want to improve.

    I was looking to up my ratio of 9 seat sng to 35% of the games I play.

    My bankroll is up to $88, after 150 games. I want to minimise my risk, to a sensible level.

    Any serious advice/ input is greatly appreciated..

    Many thanks,

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    I know that 150 games is not alot to make a judgement on, let alone 30 st SNG's.....but some advice for the moment please.......i.e. what ROI can I hope for on st sng? 10%?, 15%?, over the next 30 st sng
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      Hey Weasel,I'll throw a couple ideas your way and see if anything hits your fancy. First off being conservative is always a good starting point in BR management. If you're conservative you lessen, or remove altogether even, two very detrimental things from advancing along your path. The first being that those inevitable downswings will ding your roll up some but at least it won't knock you out of the box completely. Secondly if you are following sound BR management you don't have to put undue pressure on yourself each time you load up a game. You can just "let go" and play the best poker you know how to play. As I said to you in holdem's thread 50 buy-ins for STT's is sound enough BR management. With the smaller field involved and the odds being 1 in 3 players cashing your variance is invariably going to be less here than in larger field events,IF you have a handle on the games. It seems that these seem to fit you well and that you feel confident enough in your ability to play them,so go with that and just play. As to the multi-table SNG's I see that you're trying your hand at the honu challenge. Good man that should help you grow you game for those type pf plays. I posted a few tips for you in that thread. Also take a look at your numbers on OPR ( and filter your games by buy-in,prizes in the tournament results section. You'll see what I did---that you're holding your own and a little better (+ ROI is ALWAYS good umbup in the standard 45/90 mans,but that the .02 and .10 turbos are kicking your butt. LOL,I was the same. They just didn't work for me either. So I think you're OK to stick with the STT's and the 45 and 90 man standard speed SNG's for starters. Given the field sizes in the 45's and 90's you will run into more variance in them,but you're getting to play 6 of them for each buy-in that you make for the STT's,so no need to pressure yourself in them. Just relax and focus on correct decision making. The results will come. If you want to defray some of your risk in the $1.50 games then maybe take a look at the $1.50 50/50 tourneys. 10 players start and the top 5 get paid,most of their buy-in back and then .04 on every 100 chips that you have when the bubble bursts. Watch a few to get a feel for them and maybe you'll find that they are to your liking. There are also 6 max STT tourneys at the $1.50 level,so you DO have options at that level. Lastly there ARE scheduled multi-table tournaments out there that are well within your BR limits. Since you want to minimize your exposure for the time being (again this is a sound policy,so don't beat yourself up over it...) 2 MTT's that immediately come to mind are the .10 ($50 added) and the .25 ($100 added) MTT's. The .10's run 3 times a day while the .25 runs once. For a dime and a quarter,respectively,you can hit a nice little return on these with a deep run. I popped a 4th in the .25 once for a $33 return on just a .25 investment. So very low risk,with a chance for a decent return and great value to boot as it's very cool of Stars to offer money added tournaments at the mini-micro level. This should be plenty to get you started. Always remember that if you're having a rough patch and want to continue playing but feel tilty then freerolling some astronomers to try and mine a weekly round 2 ticket or two can have value of it's own. Ever need to hit me up by PM feel free to do so. I ain't always lickety-split on the response but I will get back to you. Good luck and good decisions. umbup:
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        you're useful to know

        Thank you for taking the time to post a very good reply..

        It will be digested, and "dunked in my tea" several times........

        btw, I have just registered with OPR, but it doesn't show my 9 seats? even though i selected that?

        My , albeit new , experience of these sites is that they are not very accurate. Previously used both Top Shark and Sharkscope, who tell wildly different OPR considered more accurate?

        Anyway, already seen a small improvement, just got to really stay out of trouble early doors, and not walk into anything



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          you know what? after reading my OP and your answer, it has only really just dawned on me...

          Get better at the 45 seaters, less risk !!!!!!! Cracked! (easier said than done!)

          Fifty Fifty seems like an option to look into, plus it may tame my urges early in the games I play. I'll consider it, and watch a few first like you say.



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            OPR does not track anything with less than 28 entries, so those results will not be there. It is a good tool to use to look at your numbers and your opp's numbers, but while it will give you an idea about an opp, their numbers won't be 100% accurate, as they sometimes miss tournies. If you send a note to them on one that they're missing, sometimes they'll add it in, sometimes they won't... but it does give you a general idea. If you start to play the 50/50's, watch out for and recognize the tourney regulars (really same for any tourney level, but more so for the 50/50's). I played a number of them before black friday and knowing who the regs are will help you to know which ones are most likely the better players at your table. The small MTT's the Moxie mentions are also a great idea. I was playing the .10 ($50 added), .25 ($100 added) tourneys multiple times a week, along with the .50 cent MTT's (now .55 MTT's). Those tourneys, if you're patient and disciplined in your play, are a great way to increase a bankroll. Good luck at the tables umbup:

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              The rest of the games, apart from 3 or 4 Pokerschool events costing $1.10, are made up of the 0.02c 990 seat, 0.10c 360 seat, 0.25 45 seat, a few 90 seat too, and a few 0.50 c MTTSNG's
              Those are regular and turbos.
              Regular speed have higher roi, turbos lower but the time it takes to complete is smt between 1/2 to 1/3 in favor of turbos.
              If you choose turbos start from 0.10/360 with smt like 25$ br.

              And at the start don't play more than 4 tables at the same time.
              Focus on learning pushing and calling ranges, that's the main play in turbos.

              You can always rail a good player on the format that you go with.
              To see betting sizes in dif stages of the tourneys, stealing position, etc.




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