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Question about the Chris Moneymaker Session Review Video

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  • Question about the Chris Moneymaker Session Review Video

    I was just watching the Chris Moneymaker Session Review Part 2 video for the second time and wanted to ask about something I saw.

    The video starts off with Chris down on chips and then by 14:38 he has his opponent down to 810 chips vs Chris' stack of 13,950. The blinds have come up to 40/80 and his opponent is steadily being ground down.

    Then Chris decides to push all in with an A 4os and his opponent calls with J T suited, he hits a T on the flop and a J on the river and doubles his stack.

    In this situation why was it a good idea for Chris to push his opponent like that on just an A with such a low kicker, and was his bet size correct?

    In the hands leading up to this Chris had played very aggressive and was close to winning, this play seemed like a rush to finish to me rather than a worthwhile push, and I would have thought that he could have hurt his opponent just as much with a smaller bet of maybe 1/3 or 1/2 his opponents stack if the play had worked.

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    With the stacksizes as they are I would probably do the same thing. The opponent has 10 BB left, and A rag is ahead of any two cards he may have. So I see four scenarios:
    1. opponent folds. Yay Chris
    2. opponent calls with an Ax - Chris is dominated, better luck next time
    3. opponent calls with a pair - Chris won't be that much of a dog and can still catch his A
    4. opponent calls with something else - Chris will be the favorite with his A high

    Seems like a profitable play to me to force the oppponent into making the allin decision. After all, calling allin with a JT off is a lot harder then shoving the same hand.

    Return question: did the opponent make the right move by callin with the JT. Chances Chris had something that JT can actually beat are rather slim I think.
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      Thanks for the reply, I guess it was just an unlucky beat for Chris. I have seen people say a few times that when your opponent is short stacked your chips are worth more to them than theirs are to you. I guess thats one of the reasons I was a bit surprised at the move, though looking at it the way you explained where his A beats any 2 unpaired cards makes the shove seem more justified.

      In answer to your question I think I would have probably called with the JT os in that situation, as the opponent is short stacked and being ground down by the blinds, without knowing his previous hands I am going to guess he didn't have much that he dared shove with.

      In this situation I would probably wait till something vaguely playable came along and take my chances, I'm either out which is going to happen anyway after a few more blinds or I double up and have a chance. Added to that Chris has been playing aggressively I would assume that he has opened up his range and is playing a lot of hands so the chances of this being a bluff or a weaker hand are raised.



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