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High vpip players own my soul?

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  • High vpip players own my soul?

    Hi there all,
    I,m going through a proper crazy patch of play and cannot adjust, well i dont think theres anything i can do about it.
    I love to get involved with players with a high vpip, i mean it makes sense yeah they playing any 2 cards, but heres the thing time and time again they bust me and its always when i got real hands, i isolate, with pocket aces flop comes say j23 sometimes they donk bet into me othertimes i cbet into them they turn over trip jacks, i have pocket jacks in a pot with someone with a 87% vpip they go all in pref to my isolate raise i call thinking yeah like ur eva going have anything and they turn over pocket aces, its like these guys play almost every other hand and when i get a premium hand they just have to hit something better, and im watching idiots that know next to nothing about poker, just pick all my hard work and learning apart, the maths just aint working for me, now i know even idiots get real hands once in a while, but good god why is it always when im in a pot with them and even if im a mile ahead because of the extra special *****rs out there then they will hit a 1 card straight or flush, i just cant beat them, now the LAG in me is saying drop the TAG style theres no profit in it, i defended my bb with 63 suited yesterday and earned more in that pot than i have earned with aces or any other premium hand all month, i can hold my own still in sng,s but i,m going have to drop cash play, but even in sng,s im seeing some freaky stuff ie.. op utg raises 2.5x i have 9bb AQ and im all in the op utg calls me with j5s, im like wtf? utg r with j5s then calling my all in and the flop comes 234 turn a j river a 6 just to rub salt in the wound.I,m not on tilt guys n girls not atall, i now refuse to tilt and have played solid ever since i joined pso, now i dont mind a flip or race especially when i know maths wise im a mile ahead, but the maths just aint holding up for me.Is my luck eva going change or am i going have the same br 2-3 months from now its just gone stale past 2 months it dont move, i spend 2-3 hours grinding a 3$ profit just for some luck box suck out on me and take all my hard work away, how can i fold pocket aces pref, because there killing my profits.I,m thinking about a complete overhaul of my game, stop playing aa,kk,qq,ak and start with 56,67,89 suited and so on lol pokerstove has no meaning to me, im sick of looking at the odds because maths just dont work for some players, like myself.

    Help and advise pso crew

    Happy new year all!

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    Poker doctor's prescription -
    Exercise some pot control and keep the pot small until your hand improves.


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      Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
      Poker doctor's prescription -

      I will try lol it,s just so hard when u know u got them crushed and they are willing to put all there chips in, i will try stop going all in over the next month and will report back after, on another note i,m going concentrate more on sng,s this year so in theory the problem should go away.

      OPR for 2011=81.42%
      OPR for 2012= im hoping knuckle down and get into the high 80,s



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