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a crossroad full of sign posts but no clear direction

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  • a crossroad full of sign posts but no clear direction

    a crossroad full of sign posts but no clear direction

    Well with christmas and the joys of christmas shopping I havent played much at all recently I have still been able to nuke my money down to the last few dollars. I didnt start with a lot at all I think my first deposit was just over the minimum you can put in on stars, and the most its ever been at was around $80.

    I think playing cash just isnt for me I cant sit there clicking fold around 80% of the time it does get boring doesnt it? And when im bored I play really badly hence the lack of money in my account. Any suggestions how I can combat the boredom with out losing my attention on the table? (at the moment I do not multi table and I am playing full ring)

    Also I am playing micro stakes and it kinda feels pointless because after say 3-4 hours you mite be a dollar up or down? What was the point? And when I do hit the boredom window AQ suddendly looks like the nuts its like a strange kind of tilt forcing things to happen almost. Which is strange because I dont normally tilt at all and I can normally walk away if I feel some nerd rage.

    So how can I combat boredom in a cash game?

    Should I just stick to the mtts and the odd sit and go?

    Do I just uninstall stars from my pc?

    I know im going to have deposit again which isnt great or the altenative is stop playing which I am thinking about, mite be a case of 'sticking to the day job'

    I need some guidance guys


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    You can combat boredom in a number of ways.

    Best is to set a goal. Join the cowboys challenge or the ahar bankroll builder.

    TheLangolier would tell you you can be ranging your opponents take lots of notes. Are they loose, do they fold to aggressive moves.

    try mental exercises like working out odds to call. That said I'm not great at that stuff myself so i multi table i find 3 works best for me i can still keep track of aggressive or exploitable players. As i do i might cistern to music, but today I'm reading posts in pso.

    if you can combat your boredom problem you can build up your bankroll playing micros but you need to be disciplined, something I'm working at.

    Play 100 45 man 25 cent games and try to show a profit at the end

    you join in this challenge!

    Don't give up hope there are great resources here that can help you turn your game around.

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      Originally posted by wittsy171 View Post
      ... combat boredom ...




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