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to shove or not to shove

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  • to shove or not to shove

    Ok He shouldn't have called in the first place but he's germans and they tend to call light! the broadway card isn't bad but isn't great either so should i have shoved preflop or is this another bad example???

    [replay hand_id=189562 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=9164857DC5]

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    I've never had much luck being that aggressive with the Ladies. Even though you say Germans tend to be light callers, many other countries also have their so-called light callers. I personally don't under estimate anyone anymore that I get into a chip puking contest with, even if I am holding Aces and chip leader.


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      9BB's or M4,whichever way you want to measure it (I prefer switching to M myself once the antes are out) you're on a push/fold stack,so yeah,get it in pre-flop here.

      Look you're (hopefully) never flatting in this spot with QQ and a 4x raise,which is a perfectly fine play in normal circumstances,is committing far too much of your stack for you to really be able to let the hand go if a scary flop hits so force the action when you look to have the best of it and that's right now. If the villain turns AA or KK then make a note of the play for future reference and hope you get lucky. Anything else you're either flipping or ahead and very likely crushing a lot of their range.

      That being said given the "quality" of his play here---the open limp from the button,the flat on your 4x bet raise pre and the call with a gutshot draw post flop---I have a feeling it would take something akin to divine intervention to get this joker to fold KQo ever,so not much you can really do here most likely.

      But getting it in pre is the better line here wopke.
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