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  • analysys

    During current Hold'em session you were dealt 101 hands and saw flop:
    - 4 out of 19 times while in big blind (21%)
    - 4 out of 19 times while in small blind (21%)
    - 8 out of 63 times in other positions (12%)
    - a total of 16 out of 101 (15%)
    Pots won at showdown - 1 of 3 (33%)
    Pots won without showdown - 19

    my standard play per 100 hands the 2 pots lost at showdown were just check throughs from the bb please give me your thought on this percentages etc

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    Hi Holdemace, 101 hands is a very small sample size to make a definite judgement on any player. There is a lot of incomplete information. Still, you asked a question and it should be answered so here is just my opinion on your style of play. This is based on what I see above and from information seen in other posts by you. Your starting hand selection is good. 15% VPIP is a good tight range. You may play passively post flop. You tend to overplay big pairs like Aces or Kings. You are very keen to improve your game and to learn. Note that this is just my opinion, please correct me if I'm wrong. Can I ask if you are aware of how important position is when entering pots and do you watch the table for information on your opponents? Work hard at your game and the results will come! Raiser umbup:

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      yes mox

      yes m8t i understand posistion and yes i colour players up red for tight orange for lose


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        Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
        yes m8t i understand posistion and yes i colour players up red for tight orange for lose
        Good umbup: You are on the right road! It's just a matter of time, patience and discipline. Keep doing what you are doing by posting and learning a little every day and the results will come. Not overnight, but they will come! Wishing you every success. Raiser umbup:

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          Hi Holdemace,

          I Agree with What RoyalRaise has already said but would like to add that 21% in the small blind is very very high.

          Now I am currently trying to eliminate my own tenancy to play from the small blind "because its cheap"

          No idea who said it but heard at a training this week

          "why pay to play a bad hand out of position"

          I too know that value of position but am struggling putting it into practice. SB is worste position Grade b so why is it your highest VPIP still!!!!!!!!

          Grade b
          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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            granted this is a very small number of hands, but here is what I notice with them.

            The BB number is a little small (could be from you just not getting dealt cards while in the BB)

            The SB number is a bit high (it could be from you getting cards in the SB, could be from you completing too many hands... if so, you don't want to complete from the SB unless it is a big multi-way pot. You should be raising or folding).

            The other positions number looks normal (could be a little lower or higher, depending on the cards you're getting).

            The overall number is in the correct area.

            The Showdown number needs to go up. I try to aim for 80+% when going to showdown. This number is what will be giving or taking away table credit. If the two losses were check through's, then you may have wanted to take a stab at the pot on the flop or turn (that will be hand dependant, so check the hand histories to see if it's something that you could have done).

            Winning 19 hands out of 101 (nearly 20%) of the hands without showdown is REALLY HIGH. You'll need to go back into the hand histories and look but I'd be looking for places where I'm betting way too much, too early.
            Ex: say you're at a 9 person table. That means you technically should have the best hand 1 of 9 hands (11%). If you're at 20% with no showdowns, then one of the 2 hands you're winning each time around the table... you're betting out without the best hand. You want to be doing this some, but twice everytime around the table is going to get you labeled by other players as being loose, a calling station that bets too (bully), or a maniac. None of the 3 will help your table credit.

            That strategy can work against some players, especially if they're playing really tight, but anyone that notices you doing this will set up a trap for you and if you shove into their trap even one time, you're out of the tourney.

            This will be even more important in the micros, as players there will call/raise with anything and if you're trying to steal pots too much, you're going to be called down by worse and worse hands, due to not having the table credit.... which will lead to more bad beats.

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