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Help With Videos and Hand Replayer

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  • Help With Videos and Hand Replayer

    Hello All, Now that I have these 8 entries to the Saturday Specials, I am going to be looking for sure to post a blog about each, but want to make it look "snazzy" and cool !! A few things I could use some help with: 1.I have yet to see any videos posted on here that are not related to Poker software of some sort, ie...there is no videos made by say, webcam, or digital camera. Are these allowed on the site? Say I make a video of myself, saying hi or whatever, can that be posted??? 2. I want to use hand replayer as I will be crushing people this weekend in the 55.00 PL Omaha game and have never really used the Requests Tab in the Pokerstars lobby. The one time I did request a hand history, I got about 500 pages of gobbledy-gook. If I win a MONSTER and want it in hand replayer, do I just write down the hand number and enter it in Re-Player later??? Or what specific request do I ask for to get the summary of that tourney or hands??? 3. Can we post hand re-player videos to Youtube, and can others on the site who do not use Facebook or Twitter maybe use Youtube as their social media link when applying for Member of the Week ??? 4. What if I am at a table, win a monster, take out people and the tables closes, how can I get my hand number if I did not write it down before the chat window closes?? Thanks for the help, hopefully over the nest two weeks I will increase my bankroll to $250,000, but I think I would settle for $10.00 !!! Peace out and thanks in advance Ski(n)ny umbup:

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    As to #2 and #4 in requests go to hand history options/save my hand histories( I put for 365 days) and apply. This will save every hand you play to your hard drive in a file you name, so you'll always have easy access to them to post, review, or whatever. (this should be done anyway) whether or not u use tracking software (which also saves all your hand histories) and can also be accessed through that medium. Hope that helps you out some... And GL this good! I
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      Getting Hand replayer in Blogs????


      So i figured out how to use the hand replayer to show some of the key hands in my 3 Saturday tourneys so far ( not

      But the only way I seem to be able to post, is to actually :

      Open the specific hand in hand replayer
      Copy the URL of this
      Paste it into my blog

      But all that shows up is the link which you need to click on.........

      I tried hitting the LINK button in HandReplayer, then hitting that link button on the blog the I was writing, but cannot get it to come up as the cool looking Hand Replayer with the Play button, just the URL........

      Any advice ??????????


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        When you have a hand saved in replayer, you can hit the play button and it opens a new window which is good to check how it plays.

        Then you need to go back to the replayer, hit the link button, and it will give you a box with a link to a single hand or all hands in that folder

        copy that link and paste it into yout blog/forum

        hope this helps - I use the instant hand history a lot to copy/paste the HH to replayer, then there seems to be no problem in replayer, if I use a saved HH or e-mailed HH I often have to edit it.

        Practice some hands from regular tourneys and see how it goes.

        Good luck

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
        4 Time Bracelet Winner


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          When you see the box that you get when you click the link (like a chain) in replayer the text will look like this replay hand_id=182306 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=D4FAF5FE6D but with square brackets that make it look like this when you copy/paste the text to a forum/blog
          Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
          4 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks Ed !!!

            WIll keep trying it out !!! All these exams this week are melting my brain !!!


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              It Works !!! Thanks Ed, I just wrote a blog and posted 3 hands successfully, will write another 2 blogs this week and will have the HandReplayer ready to go after I play in 2 more on Saturday !! Thanks Man !!! umbup:



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