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help im addicted to poker

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  • help im addicted to poker

    update and question,3o doller bankroll,10 percent poi overnite however should of been a lot more,nine consecutive tables 2c 5c come off in profit,then woops tilt come well saying tilt just got angry and kept dunking it in 3rd of my bankroll gone,2 sng 180 ppl cash payout and to be honest tilted at the last with 19k in chips and stuffed it,then 10c 25c cash game to pull my defiset bk,my question to you guys is how do i keep myself off it lol play 12-18hrs str8t all the time cant leave it alone lol its in me blood lol to play,spent 3-4 years solid doing this,seen every hand that coulld be chucked at me in this time just need to sort out my tilt well to be honest not sounding a big ed get bored because i find the game easy and if i can sort the mental side off it out will keep my 100 percent showdowns instead of being silly and literally give it them bk because i tend to know what they have and just pay to see that im right,so ? sry i know your not physcologists but how can keep away or play less because it has become an addiction to me,

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    First thing that you need to learn is, dont be result orientated. As soon as you deposit youve just lost the money. the money in your Pstars account represent chips. Dont get attached to them, if you lose some its no biggy because they are just chips not cash.

    If you play results orientated and you go into cash games you could have trouble being aggressive because your not willing to lose such a big ammount of money, but if they are just chips u dont care.

    As for the tilt, if you think you should move up just to win your losses back, quit right away. Put limits on your search results and keep your hands of them untill you have enough BR to move up.


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      I would be happier with hooked on phonics


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        No sure,

        Some things i do,

        1. Play video games. Sounds corny i guess, but i need distraction too, or i want to play too many hands. Intrestingly i play less games and read the posts in the forums and when i remember attend the live trainings.

        2. I switch games play some stud or a game i know the rules to but do not "know" now to play well. It makes me think in new ways.

        3. I watch The Owen sound attack (well listern on the radio mostly.)

        You say the game is easy, do you have a goal for the Month? You may find working towards a spefic goal helps.

        Have to say that personal i find playing the game easy too, but beating the game to be very very hard.

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          The answer is STRICT BR management, you have a set amount to risk each day, when it's gone you quit. If you have to play, try working on your game in the play money games, they're a great place to try out new strategies, or even just work out your frustrations by playing like a donk.

          Your only other alternative is to accept that you're going to lose your money each time, and set a limit on your deposits that is within your comfort zone. Check out "Responsible Gaming", from the Help menu in the main lobby. There are some online resources there if you seriously feel you have an addiction problem.

          Hope that helps.

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            be careful with the responsible gaming... if you tell them to stop you they will snap/close your account


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              thx guys

              yes thinking about it this pokerschool stops me playing,so wen i feel on a tilt come off aand nosey on ere,great love and yes ty for the reminder of bankroll management i will get ti drumed into my ed and will start just classing it as chips and try to limit my daaily ammount thx


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                Addiction is a habit.

                So to break the addiction you need to form a positive habit in its place.

                You want to talk about that I am all ears,feel free to hit me on the private message.


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                  [QUOTE=Grade b;314810]No sure, Some things i do, 1. Play video games. Sounds corny i guess, but i need distraction too, or i want to play too many hands. Intrestingly i play less games and read the posts in the forums and when i remember attend the live trainings. This dont sound corny to me mate U have it spot on there umbup: I,m turning 40 and this is one of my pass times when i,m on tilt it is amasing how fast u can remove poker out of your head. +100 umbup: I also reccomend watching all these training videos there great and while watching them on tilt you start to see lil mistakes u have made at a table and it helps to bring u out of tilt. The PokerPest chief tilter 2011.



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