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LAG in full ring?

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  • LAG in full ring?

    I'm playing 10nl full ring games and I'm rather confused... All the advice I've seen on full ring advocates a tight playstyle but I can play incredibly loose and do much better than when I play tight (when I say I play incredibly loose, I mean I play INCREDIBLY LOOSE). When I play tight it seems like I never get any action but when I play loose people try really weird and bad plays against me and I win a lot more. People at those tables seem to play pretty snug generally, but when I get a bit wild they don't seem to know how to respond. Is it a good idea for me to continue like this or am I just doing something fundamentally wrong when it comes to playing tight? I like to think I have pretty good post flop skills. Right now I am playing six tables.

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    TAG is how people learn to play first because it protects themselves from being exploited by their leaks.

    That said how did you do at the levels before this?
    Same style?
    Did you play at least 25K in hands at the levels to see if your beating that level?

    When you are going wild I would say your table is waiting on premium hands and encouraging you to play this way so they can catch a hand well your there.

    10NL has a suttle change from 5NL as you will experience more 2betting and 3betting preflop.
    The looser you get the more better your game has to be and less leaks you can have.

    Will leave it at that till you answer those questions.


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      I didn't play this loose at 5nl. I think I had 25k hands in 5nl but I don't have that many yet in 10nl, but so far it seems like I'm winning. I am aware that some players are just waiting for hands against me, but when they get hands I find that they tend to overplay them.


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        I don't think it's likely to beat the game playing super loose all the time, can you be a bit more specific? What are your actual stats and over how many hands?

        If people are playing tight then a more lag style will exploit that, but in all the micro stakes FR work I've done there are always loose players. There are often some rocks too and yes they can be run over easily, but there's enough loose passive and loose aggressive players to get in the way. Most of your profit in microstakes comes from taking lines to exploit the loose players in a controlled and non-fancy play way, while avoiding the rocks when they do wake up with a hand.

        Cookies is asking about 25K hands because a win rate over 5 or 10k hands is largely meaningless, you could be a winning player and run bad over 10k hands super easy, and likewise you could be a big donkey and run good over 10K hands and show a profit. Even 25K hands is too small a sample but it's not totally meaningless like 5K hands is. More specific stats and date would be helpful.
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          Welcome to the forum purple. Now my two year old has another avatar to point at beside spongebob-roomik.

          I found that at 10NL you see a lot more multi-tablers so yes, a bit of a loose approach can work well at this level since most serious multi-tablers are quite tight.
          I don't know if super loose is a good strategy because like Cookies said, they are waiting after watching you play. As long as your post flop skills are good, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
          The thing I get from reading your post is that you're successful and maximizing profits playing a certain I don't think I would try to get away from what works and what you feel comfortable with.
          Like the others said, more data will be helpful.

          I see you've been a member for a few months, but if you want to look at some tips for those getting started in PSO, click here.

          Look forward to seeing you around.



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