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bankroll busted again

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  • bankroll busted again

    took months off came back started well then grrrrr back to calling it jokerstars,my percentages not holding up,always lose when im close to the big bucks every time gauranteed,sick of sitting there for hrs to bust out with nothing to show and having my chips in good,cant understand it,you wonder why i tilt lol,pfffff love poker but how u suppose to win when your crucial hands dont hold up,played for several years on ere and still 100percent down in money on ere,play tight play tilt doesnt matter lost for the whole time been on ere,yes im having a moan because i know how well i do play when i want to,not sure weather im going to reload ever again! question why can any 1 answer,

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    Have you been playing those MTT's again? I kept going bust on those as well. Now i only play cash tables and 50fiftys and make a profit. occasionally throw in a 45/90/360 man in but I keep losing them.

    Problem with MTT's are variances are muuuuuch higher, you can lose a 100 times and then end up in a position where you win it all back in 1 MTT, thats the risk of them.

    They tempt me into playing them with the big prize money pot when the buy-in is occasionally 10-25% of my BR and thats the bad thing. Because then I would need a 1000% to 2500% BR to compensate for the variance.

    My new gameplan is to make a small profit with cash and 50fiftys and a small part of the profit will go into the MTT fund for a 1-time buy-in to get lucky and end deep. If I lose, no problem its only a part of my profit anyway.


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      damn i only see the dolllers

      ty it all now makes sense to me where im going wrong to many mtts just cant help it with 1.10 buyins for 3 k etc lol ty


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        Ace, please start looking at some bankroll management material that you can find here and anywhere else. You can even google it for poker to get some good info. This seems to be an issue and if you fix it, you'll be on your way to being profitable and having fun. Start in the bankroll management forum. umbup:


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          thx dan appreciated will look


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            *** moved royalraise85 *** Hi holdemace486, I moved your thread into the Bankroll Management section as your question relates to that topic and it will get a positive response here. Also one of the Live Trainers here, ahar010, has a popular thread going called 'Bankroll Builder' that might be of some help to you. You can find it here! Regards, Raiser umbup:


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              hmmm, and here I just mark another 1 up to learning curves... some good stuff here, nice posts, thx guys.


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                Quick rule of thumb,

                U need 100 buy in for any sng so 25$ would give u the correct bankroll for 25c sng mtt games,
                40 buy ins at 100xbb for any cash game thats an 80$ bankroll just to play on 1/2c micro stakes,
                sticking say 20$ on your bankroll then playing in 1$+ tornys is a constant pressure on you, and after u lose a few cause no one can win them all, have u thought this is why u are prone to tilt?

                Bankroll management is without a doubt the most important part to being a profitable player,
                i started with 20$ and turned that into 80$, i then had a stab at a higher level game, the loss hit me hard and i dropped back down a level instantly and im back on 80$ again, i will wait to hit 100$ before i try something like that again and i dont care if it takes me 1 or 2 months i get to play poker every day without having to top my poker balance back up.
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                  You do not have to stick to the 100 buy ins for sngs. I think that is just something that others in PSO have said they prefer.
                  If you are good at 1 table sngs then you can have a far more aggresive BR for them, say 30-50 buy ins. But it really depends on your ability at cashing in them.
                  You should not be using more than 2% of your BR roll to buy into a MTT tournament , by MTT I am not speaking about the 45/90/180 man sngs.



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