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Vpip scale help

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  • Vpip scale help

    Hi all does anyone know of a good link for a VPIP scale, the reason i ask is im using pt3 hud and it does not have automatic colour codes for a vpip scale on fullring games and i want to colour code it myself i know if someones got a VPIP of 70% there calling stations but what are the optimum ranges so that i can get better reads on a player like 0%-7% mouse and 8% to x%tag
    and so on, ive read that optimum vpip on a full ring is 16-24% is this true? i could really do with a good link or if an experienced fullring player could give me some numbers i would be very gratefull.

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    May I suggest you try to google the term "VPIP" and follow some of the links. I did that and found several articles and discussions regarding what you could anticipate from players based on the VPIP percentages. One thing you will find is that the articles provide ranges rather than pat percentages, which indicates these numbers are helpful, but not absolutes regarding another player's styles or card range considered playable.


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      thanks for the info, i did use google before i posted on here but one site would say upto 30% vpip profitable another would say 24%, so i suppose this comes with practice using a hud, before i had a hud i used to just colour code them red= leave alone, green play against and pink calling station, i goto get my around a hud so i suppose its just gonna take time umbup:


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        0-15 = red = Tight player
        15-25 = Pink = normal player
        25 -100 = green = loose player

        thats what i use.


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          Originally posted by XxTiberxX View Post
          0-15 = red = Tight player 15-25 = Pink = normal player 25 -100 = green = loose player thats what i use.
          Nice 1 buddy umbup:


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            Hi Tiber hope u read this buddy, this is something i found on the net,using these number with your hud can help u range an op better(in theory lol)

            Premium Hands: AA, KK, QQ, AKs


            "Group 1" hands: add the JJ


            "Top 10" hands: add TT, AQs, AJs, KQs, AK


            Any pocker pair


            "Group 3" hands: 99, JTs, QJs, KJs, ATs, AQ


            Any suited Ace


            "Group 4" hands: T9s, KQ, 88, QTs, 98s, J9s, AJ, KTs


            Any unsuited Ace


            Any Ace, suited or not


            "Group 5" hands: 77, 87s, Q9s, T8s, KJ, QJ, JT, 76s, 97s, Axs, 65s


            "Group 6" hands: 66, AT, 55, 86s, KT, QT, 54s, K9s, J8s, 75s


            "Group 7" hands: 44, J9, 64s, T9, 53s, 33, 98, 43s, 22, Kxs, T7s, Q8s


            "Group 8" hands: 87, A9, Q9, 76, 42s, 32s, 96s, 85s, J8, J7s, 65, 54, 74s, K9, T8


            Any 2 suited cards


            Any two connectors


            Any suited connector



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              thx for the heads up, I read about every post in the forum

              Thats a nice chart u got there but way too complicated for me. I like my 3 ranks loose normal and tight.

              if someone has less the 15 VPIP i know i dont need to go against the,with suited connectors or any incomplete hand.

              Another nice way is 15-30% tend to limp in alot of AJ AK AQ KQ etc OOP, If i raise preflop with any 2 cards and the flop shows me something like 259 I just c-bet because its an autofold to their hands.



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