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spotting straights

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  • spotting straights

    any tips?

    Although I'm very aware of the possibility of 10-A or 9-K straights, I often miss the lower ones.. I find it particularly difficult when playing against calling stations who will call my bets when I have top pair / 2 pair / 3 of a kind, but not raise, and then show a straight on showdown. It is hard with these weak players because they will see the flop with anything

    I guess I just need to pay more attention..
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    I'm very very new to poker, but here are my 0.02$.

    No one can really tell if someone has a straight or not. If you think someone might be chasing a straight, the best thing to do is to give him incorrect pot odds to call.

    There's probably some people here who will give you better adive on pot odds.

    Just remember, you can play perfectly well and lose a hand!

    If you play well, you will win in the long run.

    Hope this helps,


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      Hi Tomcrockpot, I'd agree with what Idanmel has said above. Some players might play low connecting cards in late position. If the flop comes and it provides a straight draw for an opponent he will probably stay in the pot as long as he is getting the right pot-odds and it's cheap for him to do so. As you say in your post you are betting-out on the flop etc and that is good. What's important is your bet size. If you think that you are ahead in the hand with top two pair or trips then I'd personally make it very expensive for my opponent to see another card. Especially if I think he's on a draw. There are three good videos in the archive here that may be of interest to you. 1. Hand Reading - The Art and Science of Ranging Opponents 2. Stack to Pot Ratios Part 1 3. Stack to Pot Ratios Part 2 Hope this was of some help and good question btw! Raiser umbup:


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        Tom as you seem to be mainly a FLHE player (based on your other posts), the SPR videos are not really helpful for you. SPR is a "big bet" poker concept, and does not translate to FLHE very well.
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          Thanks guys. All makes sense. Cash games, I only play limit at the moment. But I do play nl freerolls and the odd micro sng.

          I find this is more of a problem for me in limit than nl. Which makes sense since I don't have the freedom to bet big enough to give people bad odds.

          Still I do sometimes just miss the low straights completely when trying to read other peoples possible hands. E.g. I have trip jacks on a board of 45JK8 say and villain shows 67. If villain just flat calls me the whole way without raising my bets the possibility of a straight never enters my head. But then I guess why should it? If people play like this they will be -ev in the long run sine they are not getting max value from their hands.


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            In limit games, becuase you will only have to put a given number of chips into a pot, people will stay alot more with connectors, 1-gap cards or 2-gap cards, because the odds make it worth doing so.
            There will be more straights and flushes out there due to this and it'll always have to be something that you look for and will be something that you'll have to condition yourself to look for. Also, the lower the limit, the more people will chase inside str8's or flushes... this holds just as much for a 2/4 cent online game or even a $3/$6 live casino game.

            Especially if there is a combination of 2 cards with a flop that could make an open-ended str8 draw out there... there is probably someone drawing to it.

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              Originally posted by Tomcrockpot View Post
              If people play like this they will be -ev in the long run sine they are not getting max value from their hands.
              It'll depend on the pot size. In limit, if you have an OESD, it actually can be +EV if enough people are in the pot to call and see the board to see if you hit it. In limit, you also have to look alot more at implied odds for if you hit your straight too... which can raise your EV too.

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