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2NL Hand Ranges

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  • 2NL Hand Ranges

    Been playing a lot of 2NL lately and have been watching the coaching videos however i am unsure as to what range of hands i should be playing pre flop, any advice?

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    It really depends on table dynamic, by that I mean how the other players at the table are playing.

    Give me 10 mins and i will come back with a more thought out answer.




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      The ranges that you need to start with will depend greatly on a number of things.

      First, your position. The earlier your position in the hand is, the better the hand you need to have in order to put chips into the pot.

      Second, the opposing players at the table. Are they playing tight? loose? limping? calling station? The number of these opponent types will have a big impact on what hands you will want to play.

      There isn't a list of hands that you absolutely have to play or absolutely should not play. A good reference will be in the core poker lessons section. Starting hands and Starting hands and position.

      The is also in the limit hold'em section under pre-flop play, a chart for what starting hands to play from the various positions. These will be slightly different than what is standard for no-limit (limit games will have you playing more marginal hands due to the pot odds), but is another reference you can use.

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        Great advice there from JWK but I will try and add to it if I may since 2NL and 5NL both full ring and 6 max are what really keeps my bankroll chugging along.

        First of all, have a look at live training and the videos from 19Honu62 and Ahar on min cash full ring(9 players) and Felix on 6 max. Videos are in the Tabs at the very top of the page.

        When you log into a table always wait for the big blind, if you buy in immediately regulars will mark you as a fish right away. Take the time before it is your turn to play to try and profile all the players at the table; if they are all loose and constantly betting and raising, it is best to adapt a TAG strategy, play only premium hands like 10s plus and possibly AK, AQ in position, do not limp unless there is action ahead of you, and bet for value.

        If the table dynamic is Tight even passive, then open up your range a bit more, bet with connectors, preferably suited, but even unsuited; you will know your opponents are probably on big opening hands if they bet or come along, but they can be bet off the like of AK on a board like 762 all different suits or they may continue betting and you can even stack them off.

        Have a look at "The Langoliers" videos especially profiling for exploitation amongst others, try to get reads on opponents, try to use position both good and bad to your advantage.

        There are a lot of people on the site willing to help, I am more than happy to rail a session of your play and go through it afterwards to try and get you moving in the right direction. PM me if you are interested.




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          AM I SEEING DOUBLE ??

          sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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            ty all



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