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Building initial bankroll at micro level..

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  • Building initial bankroll at micro level..

    Ok, I've been playing poker off and on for about 3 years now.. Never especially seriously, at the start I think I invested either $10 or maybe $20 as my initial deposit and just played with that.. mostly micro SNG tourneys, quite a few double or nothings, and a tiny amount of ring stuff..

    I never took it too seriously and eventually when my balance dropped to just over $1 I stopped playing for a while..

    Anyway, the last month or so I've started playing again, and studying a bit more poker theory. Through playing a few of the 45 man SNGs 1 or two of the 10c MTTs, and lately a fair bit of 2c/4c FL ring, I've grown my $1 into $7.. plus I won $13 from one of the new timed tourneys. (I deposited to get the free ticket and then cashed out my $30 deposit later)

    So I'm now sitting on $20..

    I've downloaded the trial of Poker Tracker 3, and decided it's my goal to build my bankroll up to $50 before the trial ends so I can buy the micro stakes version, then carry on. Gives me 60 days...

    I think my best bet is to keep playing the 2c/4c FL ring games.. I've only imported the last few days history into PT, but it shows that I've played about 4.5 hours, 225 hands, and won $1.61..
    I'm also comfortable 2-tabling at this limit.

    The tourneys on the other hand take too long.. (~2hrs for a 45 man sng) so I think maybe my $/hr would be less.. I can't remember, think I played around 5 of those lately, came first in one, 6th in another, and out of the money for the rest. Plus of course it's much less often that I can dedicate 2 hours to a tourney, whereas I can dip in and out of cash games whenever I like..

    What do people think is the quickest way for me to build up to around $50?? I think I can handle two tables at a time (maybe 3 or 4 now I'm using PT).. I guess $1.61 over 4.5 hours means $0.35 / hr so I need about 86 hours play to go from $20 up to $50... With multi tabling this should be possible I think... although I can't play every day..

    Also I know my sample size is pitifully small at the moment, so of course my end result may vary dramatically...

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    Welcome to the forum Tom. umbup: I think that playing where you're most comfortable is important. It allows you to play "your" game and not worry about the losses you could incur. I like the idea of the ring games personally. I think if you tried, you could be comfortable with 3 or 4 tables too. That would cut your time in half if you stay on your track, if you stay profitable. If not, then you can drop back to 1 or 2. There are lots of people with experience in this area and lots of threads on the matter, so search the forums a bit too.


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      What do people think is the quickest way for me to build up to around $50??

      take your $20, and register for a $15 heads up hyper turbo sit n go win it, and then register for a $30 heads up hyper turbo sit n go win that and then stop. should only take 5mins you will then have the money for PT3

      i'm just kidding DO NOT DO THE ABOVE MENTIONED! Lol

      play what you feel most comfortable with. i'd suggest 2/4c to 5/10c limit holdem or learn stud hi-lo, get a couple of buy ins for 1/2c no limit holdem(eg. 4 buy ins of 80c) lather rinse repeat.

      gl at the tables

      Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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        Cheers guys... Stick with what I feel comfortable with feels right to me..

        Grinding up with the 2c/4c limit at the moment.. I seem to consistently be able to finish my sessions in profit if I play for at least 30 mins or so at a time.. Will go for a few of the micro SNGs and MTTs when I have a couple of spare hours


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          i would say 4 tablng will boost your bankroll. they say SNG are the ultimate bankroll builder, but i personally like cash games more. Always practice bankroll management. Remember that the poker gods know when you're playing above your bankroll limits and will kick you in the ass! They will unleash their wrath upon your game giving u bad beats and so on.
          Good luck sir. PEACE!


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            quickest way to grow ur bankroll is deposit another 30 bucks



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