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help how do i start

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  • help how do i start

    how do i start up an BR Sheet??

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    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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      lol have the pen and the paper but what to write down????


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        well on mine, i have tourny#, buy in, place/entrants, winnings, bank roll total

        you can set it up in excel so as you fill in the buy in and winnings coloums it automatically adjusts your bank roll total..

        I just leave mine open all the time and when i finish a tourny or game i just make an entry.. works for me.. hope it helped


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          Cash = 10%
          Sng's = 5% >>>>of roll
          Mtt's = 2%

          Starting bankroll ... X
          Cost of game(s) ... Y
          Winnings ............... Z
          ROI ..................... Z-Y/Y
          Ending bankroll ... X+Z-Y
          ITM % Games cashed/Games played

          Hope you took algebra.


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            what type of tourneys are you playing or is it cash games?


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              i play all kind's of games maybe that's why i can'stay positive lol!!

              but for example:

              starting BR :$50
              ring game 0.02/0,05
              played 2 hours
              played 235 hands
              won $ 4,35
              ending BR 54,35

              example 2"

              starting Br $50
              MTT buy in 2,20
              1400 entrants
              finished 47
              price 4,48ROI
              ending BR 54, 48

              Something like this???????


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                yea just set it out horizontally.. makes it easier to read.. and u only have 1 line per entry..


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                  tnx all


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                    These suggestions are all valid. However, all of them are just suggestions. You'll find your system is slightly different from everyone else. The idea is to find what works best for you, and then go from there.

                    Some people prefer a very simplistic system:

                    $10.00 --- started playing rings. $12.01 --- finished playing rings. I made $2.01
                    $11.00 --- tourney cost. $15.00 --- ITM (in the money). I made $4.00

                    Others prefer having lots of stats in front of them.

                    I would suggest you keep the number of tables to a minimum and record everything you might want until you find which stats you need. If you have one of those tracking software programs, see how much of the information you want is recorded by them as you do not want to duplicate efforts.

                    From personal experience, I can tell you Excel is an excellent program. It made recording most of my stats simplistic once I knew what I desired. Again, this is going to be a very personalized thing. You might want to know how effective you are earning those VPPS while another player is more interested in ROI.

                    If the system you use isn't effective for you, you'll not maintain it. That is why I suggest doing no more than the minimum until you know what you want. If you're going to go in both rings and tourneys, you might consentrate your efforts on one until you have a working system. Setting up the other will then become simplistic.


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                      There is an app on the android market u can use called poker income. All u gotta do is fill in the boxes ie what game type how many players buy in etc. It also lets u no how much your up down and keeps graphs.



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