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Being realistic...

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  • Being realistic...

    Here goes ....... I first deposited around $35 at the beginning of july and i managed to get my BR up to the dizzy heights of 50 something $ however since then it has been somewhat of a roller-coaster down to 20 something back up to 40 something and after staying more or less around my original deposit for a week or so, I have now had a sharp drop to my lowest yet of around $17. Now this is largely due to me getting tilted and playing more games when not in the right frame of mind as I want to win my money back (something which i am working on). But when i first deposited my idea was to play micro stakes and slowly build my BR working my way up however with my recent slump in BR would I be better reloading my account or changing the stakes I play at? Perhaps only playing SnG's at a 50c buy in or less and grinding up from here. I think this would probably be the best idea as i tried to jump in at the deep end without really considering my BR but this has proved to be a bad strategy so some advice from more experienced players would be greatly appreciated
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    I dont know if you should deposit more because it seems no matter how much I deposit I still end up losing. But I can tell you one thing from experience if you dont practice bankroll management you might get lucky a few times but in the long run you most likely will go bust. Maybe just keep playing the .25c sngs thats what eevery one else will tell you build it up until you have have enough for the .50c turbos. Make sure you watch the videos on the .25c 45player sit n goes. And the other videos for the .50c sngs. Just keep going at these until you have lots of experience and feel like your ready to go up. If you play cash games make sure you got atleast 12 full buy ins for whatever stakes your playing.
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      Well. The thread is titled "being realistic" so here goes.

      There is no escaping the fact that no matter how well players deal with the financial aspect of their game, over time, four out of five will lose every cent that they deposit. So are you going to budget to allow yourself to get the maximum entertainment from the game before having to reload, or is your objective to ensure that your medium / long term prospects of making money are not destroyed by variance ?

      Unfortunately, even the best of BRM plans have an end date for most. So you need to be clear on what your particular plan is designed to achieve before you can settle on something that's right for you. And merely saying "to make money of course" won't help you unless you're actually one of those 20% or less that can actually do so.


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        Well I will throw my tuppence worth in here Croyd93 and hope it can be of some help to you.

        Darkman61 makes some good points; (cryptic as always, and though we have had major disagreements there is always value in what he says).

        First of all you have got to decide whether you are just playing for the entertainment side, and if not, then whether you have the patience, discipline and time to really dedicate yourself to the game.

        It is possible to grow your bankroll from virtually nothing via freerolls and the PSO leagues with a modicum of effort and a little skill and some luck. I was able to do that all on my own However, to make more profitable gains deploying a very disciplined TAG style of ABC poker will reap rewards and I have Darkman to thank for introducing me to that.

        The key to actually becoming a really profitable player though lies in cracking the code at each level and believe it or not each level or each type of game has a code that can be cracked, if you are willing to put the time and effort into studying it.

        As an example I grow my bankroll best by playing cash. I am not making a living by any means at all, but at the micro cash levels, I hold my own and am profitable. Sometimes I am lucky and other times I am skilful, and play a very LAG style and use a lot of player reads in my decision making.

        However I really want to be successful at MTTs because that is where the big money is and I invest a fair bit of my profitability in cash games in this area; unfortunately my results are terrible The fact is however is that cash and sngs and mtts are all different disciplines and you need not only ability but the correct temperament to be successful at each discipline.

        I, for example, do not have the patience to play 12 hours solid to win an MTT (although I have won a few freerolls and satellites), nor do I have the temperament to only play premium hands in SNGs and deal with the times when my Aces get sucked by someone holding 10s and who had been raising and betting with rubbish before that. For some reason cash suits me and my makeup, whether I can actually move up the levels has yet to be seen, and I have not really applied a great deal of time or effort into seeing whether this is possible but it is something I intend to do. One thing is for sure though and that is that I am not depositing the 1000's of dollars that I was depositing before I found this site. I have PSO and the good people of this forum to thank for that and I would encourage you to use all the resources here to improve your game and become a winning player. And even if you only grow that17$ to 20$ next month and 25$ the month after that, you are still a winning player, and if you are enjoying yourself, having a bit of fun and relaxation and making some friends, then it is well worth your time investment.

        I am away for the next few weeks but if you need any further help or advice just send me a PM and I will try my best to share what little knowledge I have.




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          I know im gonna get flamed for this but imo life is too short for BR management, shot-take a $15 HU and be done with it


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            Originally posted by Widzywidzy^^ View Post
            I know im gonna get flamed for this but imo life is too short for BR management, shot-take a $15 HU and be done with it
            Another alternative but not a sensible one I fear



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              If you do not follow bankroll management may as well set fire to yours dollars

              But you can always take shots at a higher level(this is what I should do but am unsure of how to go about it)

              lets pu t it this way if you start a high level can you win? well maybe but when you move up eventually you will lose..maybe due to bad luck so you have to move down or allow your ego to allow yourself to drop back down to a level you could previously beat(and I mean really beat over a large sample size)

              so if you start low beat level 1 if say you struggle at level 3 you can safely move back down to level 2(as you won at this level previously) rebuild back up and then try level 3 again

              some players may yo-yo from 2 levels for along time whilst others may not..and I believe 90% of players are losing players

              A surefire recipe for disaster is have no bankroll plan just play and hope

              if you are playing MTT I would recommend around 150 buyins just in case variance takes you on a huge downswing and for SNG 100 buyins (I am aware people will think these are ridiculous numbers)..but if you are good enough to win @25c you soon push onto the $1 and beyond

              so I guess im the complete opposite form the previous poster butplaying from within your bankroll you will not be playing "scared"

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