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dealing with a bully

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  • dealing with a bully

    Hi all,

    I just finished playing a 10-man SnG and although I placed ITM, I was not happy with the way a series of hands went on the bubble. I was 3rd in chip count, but I kept switching between 3rd and 4th with the other short stack who was to my left. The player to my right would keep on limping from the SB when I would be on the BB and just throw out a lead bet on any flop. I felt like I could not call or re-raise because I had no hand whatsover, and he kept doing this which affected my stack and really gave me no shot at making a good run once I was ITM. The only time I was able to fight back was when I had AK, I reraised him immediately when he limped and he folded.
    Now I know the chances of him missing the flop are very high so I figured in a few hands he bet out with nothing but I felt like I couldn't call with my hand. The other problem was that he kept betting the same amount, so in order for me to find out if he really had anything I was going to have to push all in after he would bet. Besides my all in re-raise with AK I felt like I was never able to put up a fight.
    What would be good advice in dealing with this? Should I push with more hands preflop? If so, what type of hands?

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    I'm just going to refer you to 1 of the langoliers live training vids "dealing with aggression" just click live training then videos then videos by thelangolier. you'll find it there... Hope this helps! stack em high! MT
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      Random, if I may offer my .02 cents, I'll tell you what I try to do when I am in a blind, and someone limps, with no raises, make the initial raise, be the agressor. By the sounds of it, he's got you pegged that if he bets on the flop, you'll fold, don't let them get that far when you see this happening by raising on the button, when limpers limp on your BB, RAISE. umbup:


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        hey, thanks for the advice guys!



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