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top 50 suited hands?

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  • top 50 suited hands?

    when this month i playing in pso skill, always have to play with 3 - 5 players.
    i either sit out for the a while or try to play trap and build the stack in early stage, so pick starting hand become important.
    i read a hand ranking against multi players AA KK QQ AKs JJ AQs KQs(7th) AJs KJs(!?) ATs(!?) AKo(11st!?) TT(12nd)...AQo(18th) KQo(20th) AJo(28th...wt?- -")
    so suited does counts, maybe similar to omaha hands.
    start to realize sometimes offsuit high cards doesnot play very well against multi opponents, so i start fold AQo AJo in early position
    i try to make a chart for myself about suited hands ,
    sry about limit english,please give some advices, thanks.
    (my favourite suited hand is J9s )

    1 AA
    2 KK
    3 QQ

    4 JJ
    5 Aks
    6 AQs
    6 TT

    7 AKo
    8 KQs
    10 AJs
    10 99

    11 ATs
    12 AQo
    13 KJs
    14 88
    15 QJs

    16 KTs
    17 AJo
    18 QTs
    18 A9s
    19 KQo
    19 77
    20 JTs

    21 A8s
    22 K9s
    23 ATo
    23 A5s
    23 A7s
    25 66
    25 KJo

    26 A4s
    26 Q9s
    27 T9s
    27 J9s
    28 QJo
    28 A6s
    29 55
    30 A4s
    30 A3s
    30 K8s
    30 KTo
    30 QTo

    35 A9o
    36 A2s
    37 A8o
    38 K7s
    39 Q8s
    39 J8s
    39 T8s
    39 98s
    40 JTo

    41 97s
    41 87s
    42 44
    43 T9o
    43 T7s
    44 33
    45 98o
    45 97s
    46 22
    47 87s

    48 76s
    48 86s
    49 65s
    49 75s
    50 54s
    50 64s
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    Alright, let me go through the basics and then you can decide.

    1 ---- Check out either the lessons or google "poker hole cards." This will give you a list of the initial starting hands in Texas hold'em arranged in eight groups. The groups go from best, group one, to the worse, group 8. Keep a copy along with the basic strategy for these cards.

    2 ---- Excluding paired cards, such as AA, KK, 55, and 22, your hand can have two cards of the same suit or two different suits. Their strength is based on the highest card and the distance between them. For example, if you had King-Ten, there are three cards between them to complete a straight. More than four means no straight possible, such as King-Five.

    3 ---- Suited cards will be ranked higher than the same cards unsuited since the flush is possible. However, you should remember the flip side of that coin. A suited hand without the possibility of a straight, such as Ace-Seven, leaves you few possibilities to improve if you miss a flush draw.

    4 ---- Regardless of the lessons, any two cards can be winners. That is the random factor of the deal. You can affect the odds by holding stronger cards than your opponent, but if the flop comes up with 2 - 2 - 2 and you hold pocket aces, you will lose to the person holding 7 - 2 offsuit. Knowing the odds of a certain combination winning will give you the advantage over the long run. Just remember, pocket aces, in a one-on-one situation, will win 85% of the time. It also means you will lose 15% of the time.

    5 ---- One of the basic ideas behind betting is to isolate your opponent. If you hold pocket aces and there are five others in the hand, your cards are not that strong. The fewer in a hand, the better your chances. This is why so many advice sitting out the early rounds with the maniacs. Too many are willing to call with virtual trash.

    That said, I would advice you to exercise caution with suited cards. Too wide a spread means no straight possibility. Too low exposes you to higher flushes. If you prefer chasing the flush, be ready to fold whenever the flop has less than two in your suit.
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      thank vey much i hv change the chart



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