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Rebuys and Addons

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  • Rebuys and Addons

    I want to know how I should alter my basic MTT strategy for rebuy tournaments.
    I think its a good idea to immediatly take a rebuy so that I have everyone at my table covered, to add more chips to the table since its most likely that I'll be at the first table the longest, and since there isn't a fee for the rebuy so I'm getting a better price on the rebuy than on the initial buyin. I know that at a certain point it become unproffitable to rebuy if I lose my stack because the chips I get aren't enough relative to the blinds, but I don't know at exactly when I reach this point. As far as the addon goes I think its right to take it unless I'm really shortstacked, but again I don't know exactly when this occurs. I'm also wondering if I should be changing my basic strategy for which hands I play and how I play them at these tourneys. I think rebuy tourneys can be more proffitable since there is the normal fee for entry then no fees on the rebuys or addons so in terms of percent of entry the rake/fee is much smaller than a regular tourney, but I'm not confident that I've adapted to the new circumstances to make these as proffitable as they should be for me.

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    Rebuy tournaments have a tendency to bring out the inner donkey. If you can do a rebuy before the betting begins, or after making a minimum bet, do it. This immediately doubles your stake. If others haven't done the same, that gives you the big stick. As I said earlier, the maniac play is normal at these kind of events. Be ready to shell out a lot of money if lady luck doesn't smile on you.

    Be sure you check into the rules for the game, site, card room, or casino. The rules can vary. I have seen online games that have rebuys up to the first break, which comes after one hour. I have also been online where the rebuy period never ends, including the final table. Most live games restrict rebuys based on your stake, usually a third of your initial chip count. For example, if the initial chip count is $1,500, you cannot rebuy until you have under $500.

    My personal advice is to avoid these games. If you play tight, you'll be the short stacker when the add-on is finished. If you play loose, better hope to double-up fast and often. Players will consider ATC a winning hand. Let me tell you a true story:

    I went to the casino to play in a rebuy tourney because it was cheap. ($25 + $5 fee, unlimited rebuys for the first three rounds for $5) When I arrived at my table, I suspected trouble. The other nine players knew each other by name and were having a grand old time. A moment before the game began, the gentleman in seat five suggested everyone go all-in pre flop without looking at the cards until the rebuy period ended, which was the conclusion to Round 3.

    My comment: "In three rounds of fifteen minutes each, dealers can do twenty to twenty-five hands. At five dollars per rebuy, that's a minimum of one hundred dollars."

    Everyone pulled out a crisp Ben Franklin. I thought they were joking. The deal had me, seat eight, as the big blind. The gentleman to my left immediately went all-in without glancing at his cards. Each player, in turn, did the same thing.

    I looked, and considered pocket five's not the best hand, but not bad as the blind. My opinion changed as each player went all-in without checking their cards. Now I have a problem. If I pass, somebody is going to have twenty thousand in chips. If I call, I'll most likely have to do a rebuy. I decided on one rebuy if the rest did as they said, and I would leave. Lucky me, I caught the quads.

    True to their word, every round had the other nine players going all-in pre flop without checking their cards. With nothing to play, I sat and watched. These players did so many rebuys, our table broke the dealer at the end of Round Two. When the break came, I had eighteen thousand in chips due to the blinds rapid increases (25/50 - 100/200 - 250/500). Card dead had me blinded out in the next four rounds (500/1,000 - 1,500/3,000 - 2,500/ 5,000 - 5,000/10,000).

    Rebuys encourages sloppy play. If you enjoy a donkfest, play these. However, if you play for cash, be sure you establish a maximum buy-in limit before sitting or you'll be the one fattening whoever lady luck favored.


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      I've been playing these online, and they're certainly crazier than freeze outs, but the ones I play in aren't nearly as crazy as you describe. The lobby stats show the number of rebuys and addons and there is usually an average of about 2 rebuys per person and about 3/4 of the remaining people take the addon. Rebuys are available if you have the starting stack or smaller and the addon is avaliable to anyone at the end of the rebuy period. Rebuys and addons cost the same as the initial buyin, but don't have a fee. I think the structure of having rebuys cost only 20% of the buyin is what contributed to the donk fest you encountered, where I play they are the same cost as the buyin and the tourney is pretty much a sane event.



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