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do you go with the flow or play tight

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  • do you go with the flow or play tight

    last nihgt playing in a pso leagur match i was on a good start and winning hands ,i was up 7000,and playing in the same match was bones who has given some great advice,and helped improve my play,and i asked bones as we were chatting ,about my play so far in the match ,bones had looked at my forum post and given his opinion,and then told me i was in 85% of the hands so far ,wich i guess i was but i had won 95%of those hans,and with those numbers i started to question my play,and folded 8 K hearts wich i was about to play and as it happens i would hve won with the flush but the winning hand was a pair of kS.the player that won that hand was all in about 1500 so i was ok if i lost but this player later put me out on a pair of 7S,the hand after this one i also folded and would have won ,then the rest of the match i played tight and did not realy have any more wins and missed the buble,is there a point in a match when the crads are going your way you should forget stats and go with the flow ,had i i would have won a couple more with a stack that could have easily have carried me,to the bubble.
    when the hands are winning and going your way do you go with the flow,nobody elase at the table could hurt me in an all in i thought i had enough chips i could afford a couple if needed

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    Classic results oriented thinking. Once you have decided to fold the results of the hand are irrelevant unless you get to see your opponents cards to confirm or disprove a read..


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      yes i did see the hand and did say i would have the flush and beat her pair of kings as she had the same hand as me,k 8 but i had hearts,my game is improving and my understanding is greatly improved,my appreciation of players here in pso ,well im amazed at the quality of good players, if you look past the donks,that realy repect the game,the ones that may looose a hand to higher kicker and still compliment the player rather than curse pokerstars,but shouldnt we get t the point of improving and yes winning a few hands,

      btw love the cat


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        PLaws Iam sorry, it was not my intention to do anything to your game, I was just giving my opinion as you asked for it, I truly am sorry, but as to the way I play you really were going to the flop with a HUGE range of hands, yes you were winning them, but as I stated in the game that will only work for so long, I was under the impression you were asking me as you know how I play, on how to improve your game, again sorry if I messed up your game, was just giving input where I was asked too


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          thanks bones i understand being in too many hands and was a good night and then nothing so was frustrating ,but i do like the input and will try to improve ,maybe not this month i am close to blowing up ,watching good players drop and myself -50 in 3 days ,sitting here for 6 hours and reviewing my games for those 6 hours you get maybe 5 or 6 hands , 7 2 beats aces ,ect ect ect if this is league play at the end of the month think i will stop playing the final week next month



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