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When to get out?

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  • When to get out?

    Hello everyone,

    I was playing today and have figured out an area that I need to work on. When to get out.
    Say I have KK and the villian checks I bet .20 pre flop and he raise to .40 so I reraise and he calls. Then the flop comes up with some random crap that dosn't help me at all like 9 2 5 rainbow and they bet .60 this is where I don't know what to do. Playing tight makes me think I should fold. But am I doing the right thing? Any advice on when to hold on to those monster starter hands? I know that a check raise before the flop is usely a sign that they have a good hand but sometimes I don't know when to let go. Any advice?

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    If he is re-raising pre-flop I would highly doubt that he has a better hand than you.

    Think about it logically, what would he re-raise you with? Maybe a lower pair of pockets or a nice starting hand such as AK.

    He may have AA but I would take the risk on that with a huge pocket pair and that flop. He also might have hit his (possible) pockets, but I would again risk that.

    I assume you are playing at around the 0.02/0.05 Level with those pre-flop raises, so his hand might be even worse, remember the skill level at micro stakes is a lot lower. He may even have hit top pair with a hand like A9.

    I would see what the turn and possibly river brought and hope no Ace came down.

    Possibly consider loosening your play? It seems to me like you are playing VERY tight.

    Good players can lay down KK, but only when they think they are beaten, not when there is the slightest possibility that they have been.



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