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Are Play Money tourneys really good practice?

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  • Are Play Money tourneys really good practice?

    As someone who has a few online poker apps on my phone I've always been suspicious of the value of playing in games where no one has anything to lose or game except for time.

    I'm not trying to compare Zynga poker players to people that might play in play money SNGs or MTTs on PokerStars, but I've just never seen how it would be better than playing in a free roll tourney where you have nothing to lose if you bust out, but you actually have something to gain if you win.

    An example is if you were deep in the tournament and shoved all-in to take down a pot, in a freeroll game your opponent might fold since he doesn't want to risk busting out so close to the money whereas a play money opponent might make the call.

    Maybe I'm approaching my practice in the wrong way. If you're just trying to get into good habits then I guess play money would be a choice because you're not worried about results; you're just trying to drill some standard moves into your head by repeating them.

    However, some plays are more in the gray area and tend to develop based on success with them.

    So I guess the question is, what kind of skill can you glean from practicing in play money events?

    Can anyone comment on if they play more loose and aggressive in play money events or the same as if it were a 100k prize pool?

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    The old hedgehog can only speak for himself. I try incorporating the lessons from PSO, and the sng course, into the play money sng. One reason I like doing these games is for the practice. If you lose, you're not out anything, but you have an opportunity to apply the lessons. However, my primary reason for these sng games is that I want to try playing a full orbit in the Mercury Division of the Battle of the Planets. I'm figuring the players at the $1 level will have a freeroll attitude, rather than a tight style, so the play money games will mirror play at that level.

    And of course, it is nice seeing the play money numbers go up. Though don't ask about my latest practice orbit. Unless I turn it around, I'll be in the red. That's not bad, one of eleven orbits in the red.


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      You are as crafty as a fox, hedgehog!



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        Play money is a good way to really develop some bad leaks.
        Best to skip it and study theory rather than develop bad play.

        You reason that you dont have to worry about the money,which is going to be a problem when you actually do play for money.You will not be playing the same style no matter how much you play play money.
        Other reason is the leaks you develop when starting out are usually the hardest to break.
        Play money may encourage some leaks to blossum and you will wonder why a play isnt working like it did in the Free play world.

        Alot of moves in the $1 limit will have you baffled since play money players will not make them.
        To compare them to play money players is shortsighted and highly underestimating the micro limit players.Not every micro player is a donk and you will find that out pretty quick.



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