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$10 Bankroll

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  • $10 Bankroll

    Hey guys I am new to online poker and am wondering whats best to play with a $10 bankroll?

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    You will no doubt get as many different answers as there are players. So I'll try offering a general overview.

    1 ---- Most players will tell you the ring games are the best way to earn those vpps needed to go active. Remember that you earn points by folding in those games. Do not sit out any hands, fold if you have anything unattractive. There is a difference between folding, (gets points), and sitting out, (gets nothing).

    2 ---- Dependent on your skill, and luck, ring games can cost you anywhere from nada on up for those points. Anticipate some cost. What you want to do is earn enough points to be active and get high enough to gain money. In other words, if it cost you $8 to become active, you want to earn at least the $15 prize.

    3 ---- Tourneys can cost you as much as $20 to go active, assuming you lose every game. If you are good, you can reduce that cost. Vpps are earned based on the fee, which is the number following the + sign. A $1.00 + .10 game earns 0.55 vpps.

    4 ---- Ring game vpps are earned if the pot is equal to, or exceeds 20¢.

    5 ---- A lot of the players claim the 25¢ sng games are a great way to build a bankroll. The downside to this is the lack of vpps. So these games can help your stake, but cannot get you active.

    6 ---- If you like the sng format, you might consider the double or nothing games. These will pay anywhere from $1.52 to $3.00 on a $1.00 + .11 game, which earns 0.61 vpps.

    7 ---- Multitable play is the key. The more tables played, the faster the vpps are earned. Play as many as you are comfortable playing at one time. As for the old hedgehog, he hasn't gotten the courage to try two yet, but I will very soon.

    I'm sure some of the other members will offer their suggestions too. Good luck.


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      if you arnt concerned with vpp's or have already gotten enough to be active i highly recommend the 25 cent 45 player sng's.....i am not that great at sng's or mtt's, and i am cashing pretty deep in those.

      If you want vpp's play ring games...I would honestly recommend playing 2cent/4cent limit, especially if you are a new player limit will make you a much better no limit player.


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        Thanks for the advice guys! I still have a lot to learn. But I think that the key is I am willing and trying to learn insted of just tossing my money away.


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          hi new to this site just wondering what u mean by ''active''


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            Originally posted by PKRkingJ View Post
            hi new to this site just wondering what u mean by ''active''
            Hi PKRkingJ! Welcome to the forum! The reference is to the leagues and the corresponding payouts. Here's a link to them. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Im pretty sure the new rules of vpps mean that you don't get any vpps in ring games if you fold without investing money into the pot, in order to earn vpps now you have to contribute money to the pot where as before you got vpps if you were dealt in to the hand, now its based on how much money you contributed to the raked pot so just sitting and folding will earn you nothing.


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                25 cents 45 man STT's + the $50 and $100 added games for 10c and 50c in the MTT lobby.

                Cash is too volatile unless you play limit but you will just go round and round in limit at these stakes as players call you down with bottom pair.
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