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  • MTT

    Ok, so I'm looking for any good lessons on MTT play besides the course located here. There is a weekly MTT at the local poker room near my house that I am starting to get into. Final tables get paid out; however there is a wide variety of donkeys in these tourney. If placed the payout is good. I played in the first one there last weekend and came down to the final two tables before getting pushed all in on the flop and being rivered out . Flopped a set and someone pushed with overcard pocket pair, and rivered their set.

    Any suggestions, tips or other sites are greatly appreciated.

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    On this site, you have the mtt course and the sng course. Both of these should go a long way in helping you with that live game. Another idea you might want to consider is running a few of the play money sng games as a way of practicing what you learned. They have them running up to 45 players, which should be a sufficient learning experience. Best of all, since the games are in play money, you can always reload whenever varience rears its head.


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      Thank You, I never even thought of that.. I used to use it when I was just learning the basics of poker and haven't touched it since.


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        even though there is more than 1 table -- sounds to me like what your playing is closer to a SNG-- in that case- at the start of the tourney do some quick calculations- for average chip stack at ITM(FT)
        if are 90 peeps entered and starting stack is 3000 chips 3000*90=270,000 chips in play--

        Divided by 9 = 30,000 chips-- make that your goal-!! gl. monk


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          I see where you got the chip count from the starting chip stack and the number of people. But why do you divide by 9? Is that for the people at the table? Also, why does the 30,000 become the chip size to reach?



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            You said the FT gets paid-- usually 9 at the FT-- so average stack at that point will be 30k-- take into account a couple bigger stacks-- even 20k or so will prob get you there- My goal in SNGs is to first get to the cash-- then to the top 3---


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              Ok thanks that makes more since. Usually they pay out top 10% which is usually around 100 players give or take so that ranges between final table. I have been aiming for top 3 like you said because that is where the payouts are really good for any MTT for that matter. It makes since to set a smaller goal to achieve the larger goal though. Thank you.



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