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whats the best way to up my bankroll

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  • whats the best way to up my bankroll

    hey was wondering if anyone cld help me or give me info on increasing my bankroll i have about 30 bucks i have never deposited on here and took my winnnings from the pso skill tourney and played sit n gos i now enjoy playing the 1.40 bounty knockout tourneys single table and won some of my bankroll through there but i would like to increase it more and play some bigger tourneys if i cld increase my bankroll soo just wondering if someone cld point me in a good direction on how to increase my BR or give me some good pointers i would greatly appreciate it



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    play as many of the .25 45 and 90 games as you can... also there are .25 $100 added games, and dont forget the napl shootouts are free and the big games are pretty easy to cash in. Thats about the safest way to build on your $30... maybe once a week take a shot at something higher like the $1.40 KO gamesumbup:


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      whats the best way to up my bankroll

      where do i find the .25 100 added tourneys


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        hey i found it and thanks for the info


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          Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
          play as many of the .25 45 and 90 games as you can... also there are .25 $100 added games, and dont forget the napl shootouts are free and the big games are pretty easy to cash in. Thats about the safest way to build on your $30... maybe once a week take a shot at something higher like the $1.40 KO gamesumbup:
          Now the old hedgehog is going to sound a note of disagreement here. These might help you build your bankroll, but I see these games as a win-lose combination. You already heard the win, it builds the money when you are successful. I believe what makes these games a losing proposition is the lack of vpps. No matter how good you are, they cannot help you become active. Another consideration is the time element. I do the play money 27-man sit and goes as I practice for my run at the Mercury Division. Those games run around two hours to make the money. A 45-player game has to run between 2.5 to 3 hours. I wonder if these are a viable allocation of your time. If you must play these, do so after achieving the needed points to become active. You are having success at the $1.40 bounty games, which gives you 0.55 vpps per game. Consider grinding these games out and once you have your 20 vpps, then go the other route. It will do you no good if you end your month between 201 and 1000 as a whitestar. However, once you are active, consider anything below $15 as reimbursing your funds. Hit that amount, or more, and you could move up in price. Don't know what the next level for the Bounty-games are, but the higher payouts and vpps should help. As always, this is strictly my opinion. All I am saying is consider both sides of that coin.


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            To me the skill league is not worth the time, I am not willing to put in 60 or 70 games to win 3, 15, or maybe 30 bux... If I had the patience and the time maybe going for the top 98 would be worth it...I feel that I can win 3-5 a night just playing a few games when I want now Bigben if getting qualified is your main goal follow the hedghogs advice for sureumbup: if just making more money is your goal follow mine lol Also dont forget about the cash tables you can achieve both goals playing them umbup:


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              i understand both of you but i dont understand how to become an active player how do i get my vpps up


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                play games with rake... the more rake you pay the more Vpp's you get


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                  Vpps are earned through cash games that have a fee or rake.

                  In tournaments:
                  $1.00 + .10 --------- the .10 is the fee and earns vpps (the fee is after the symbol)

                  In ring:
                  20 cent pot ---------- at this level, you earn vpps for that hand. Just a reminder, you earn vpps if you fold your hand. You earn nothing by sitting out the hand. Games below the 10 cent / 20 cent level can have pots below the 20 cent minimum for a rake. If that happens, you earn no vpps.


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                    if u can afford it- the 2.20 sattys to the sunday swarm-- used to be the 1/4 million-- have a great payout- 36 man turbos- or the ones every 25 mins-- under- tourney/cash/satellite-- get ure ticket- unreg and use the T$ - or sell them on PTP-- many folks here will testify to the fact they are a little soft-- gl-- monk-------


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                      Not to lose his thread,,,what is the best way to increase a BR.
                      Get out there and play poker,,,start small, study bankroll management, get better over time, don't over extend your bankroll, make it last a long, long time


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                        If Sit & Go's are working for you, then you should stick with them for now, imo. It's great that you've established a roll without depositing, and I think you should stick with what's working for you. It's very easy to lose all your money experimenting with different game types, but if you're winning at Sit & Go's, consider staying with them until you get a bit more money. The money added tourneys are a great way to practice and build your roll, but until you have $100 or over, it might be best to avoid bigger money MTT's, since they can hurt you pretty fast if you hit a losing streak.


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                          the $1.20 9man or 6man SnG's give you 1.10vpp, play 2 to 4 at a time, if your good enough you should consistently cash in them.
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