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Diagnosis of a average to slightly below average player

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  • Diagnosis of a average to slightly below average player

    So, heres my story. i have been playin NLHE games for lets say roughly 8 years. i have always had the drive to get better but not necessarily the means.

    what i mean by this is, that even though i do the reading and understand what im reading it sometimes takes alittle time for that light to go on. (this is normal right?)

    For example, my first big tourney (@28-32ppl in a i finished 2nd. during this time of playing...alot of what had read hit me like a lightning bolt. i couldnt believe what i was doing! This was easy. I stayed patient, played aggressive with my big cards and bet weakness. My only fault in this tourney was going all in with an inside str8 draw...not sure what i was thinking there and it kills me because i knew i could outplay this guy.

    So, before that i was the guy winning most of the home game tourneys. They'd get pissed because "i was so good". well, later on i realized this statement is nonsense. It wasnt that i was a really great player.... i was just better than them. since then i have helped my friends with their game and that too back-fired..LOL. why do i have to be so nice.

    Anyways, because of this i have had to adjust my game. I have read articles on the net, DVDs and alot of books.

    My favorites that helped me in various ways in various styles of NLHE are:

    Poker tournament formula I & II
    Harrington on holdem
    Book of bluffs *
    All the poker psychology books - i recommend Schoonmakers... these helped me out a ton!

    I have some sng books but they confuse me with all this ICM talk. But they have helped me along the way but now its just being able to apply what im reading.

    So this is why i have signed on to the PSO. i have no one around here that can help ME get better or criticize me, tell me what i need work on or at least verify to what i think i need work on.

    here are a few:

    Better bubble play

    Not tilting on bad beats ( i have gotten way better at this because of the psychology books. It gets hard when you have a repeated beat sessions. But knowing that these are the players i want to play against in the LONG RUN helps me too i guess.

    LEARNING TO ACTUALLY TRUST MY READS. i just wish i would listen to myself. i have lost too many chips/cash calling when i KNOW what they have. To me, this is the hardest part of this game to master. Hopefully i will start trusting in them to save or make another buck or 2.

    Out of all the sites ive played on, (Poker stars, full tilt, Bugsys club/pokerpages, PDC, spade club and a few more), i have never been able to keep a BR up. i am learning about the ups and downs of it and not playing out of my BR range. I play the micros & freerolls. i have won alot of tourneys but i think my biggest cash was $39. Yippee! LOL.

    Does having a bigger bankroll online actually help? I mean, i know that if i go up in stakes that the players are generally better. The most ive ever had online was @$200.


    theres alittle background on my situation and the leaks im trying to fill.

    ive been playing in the PSO tourneys the last 2 weekends. rank- 1665 - 1582.70

    03/27/2011 22:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1304 340 5.01 1577.69 1582.70
    03/27/2011 20:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1469 87 38.11 1539.58 1577.69
    03/26/2011 22:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1288 586 -3.4 1542.98 1539.58
    03/21/2011 22:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1390 236 13.66 1529.32 1542.98
    03/21/2011 20:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1522 104 39.65 1489.67 1529.32
    03/20/2011 22:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1312 809 -7.44 1497.11 1489.67
    03/20/2011 20:00 PSO Skill League No Limit 1544 722 -2.89 1500.00 1497.11

    i finished a dismal 384 in the first one i played to day.
    (wasnt really getting much for hands excuses).

    hopefully the next one will be better.

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    Welcome to the site. The old hedgehog is a slow reader and at times, a bit thickheads. Alright, who said "always?" (Explatives deleted) peanut gallery. That said, let me see what I can offer. Just remember the old hedgehog runs somewhere in the range of 400 - 800 on the leaderboard, so I'm no authority.

    First thing I would suggest is continue playing those freerolls. You'll see how the maniacs play and will learn how to handle them. You'll find it is hard getting a read on players since you cannot see their muscles twitch, or their quills rattle.

    If you want to practice the sit and go games, I would suggest the play money games and at the lowest stake. I managed to build my play money account from 10K to over a 150K doing them. It is a grind, but I'm thinking the experience helps. Play well enough and you'll find yourself getting a lot of bubble practice.

    Take advantage of the classes offered here. I've learned a lot and my game has improved since coming here. You'll find a lot of players will offer help. Listen and learn. You have done a great deal of reading, but I'm sure you know there is a big difference between the books and experience.

    Learning to trust your reads is a long process. Cannot tell you how many times I thought the other person had a better hand, and fool that I am, I'll play. Most cases I had him pegged and will lose my chips. Again, experience is your best teacher.

    You want to know about bankrolls? Hedgehog will direct you to the appropriate forum. There you will learn how and what the other players are doing. My initial bankroll ran into the pennies until four people sponsored my efforts to become active. They gave me ten dollars, which was a huge sum to me. You can see how I'm doing in that forum. Perhaps you could offer a bandage for all the red ink I'm bleeding.

    Seriously, a bankroll of ten dollars should be enough to get you active. That is the biggest thing you want to do. Considering the date, you might want to forego the active route until April begins. If you're willing, you have three days to earn the 20 vpps you need. I couldn't do it with a bankroll as small as mine since the cards suck sewer water.

    I'm guessing you're asking yourself how to earn those points here at PokerStars. Don't think I really need to do that considering your experience on the other sites. In simple terms, you get points playing cash ring games that have a rake, (pots over 20-cents), or tournaments that have a fee, which is designated by the + symble. For example, a $1.00 + .10 tournament will earn you 0.55 vpps.

    Again, lots of helpful suggestions in the bankroll management forum. Read a few and you'll do fine. I'm betting you surpase the old hedgehog within two months.

    Got any questions? Post 'em and somebody will answer.


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      Thank you for the reply.

      im up to a whole $0.56 via freerolls LOL.

      At PokerPages i was able to turn the free cash into @$170-ish. But its so much harder here at PStars.

      Back then there werent as many people in them say anywhere from 200-400ppl.

      Look forward to reading some bank management posts. maybe ill start a progressive thread to show my April results. maybe this will help me stay focused.

      Thanks again for the advice.



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        welcomeumbup: read Sandtrap777's bankroll thread, also XXXchris has a good one



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