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Starting hands

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  • Starting hands

    Hi guys.
    I don't want this to sound like a whine, because it isn't.
    When I started playing I was enjoying reasonable success until I started learning how to play. Now that I understand some of the basics the wins have dried up
    But the reason I am posting is this, for the last couple of weeks I have been plagued with what I think are unreasonable runs of bad starting hands. This list is three recent sessions and I was wondering what you experienced guys think. Is it just a matter of knuckling down until the tide turns as it were? I don't expect monster hands every session, but it would be nice to be able to raise occasionally knowing that I have at least a little chance of winning. I do manage to win some of these hands, but you can't bluff very often and expect to win at my level.
    [7 s][6 d]
    [4 c][A c]
    [5 c][2 c]
    [J s][7 c]
    [3 s][T c]
    [Q h][9 h]
    [K c][A h]
    [8 h][7 s]
    [9 h][7 d]
    [5 s][5 h]
    [A h][3 d]
    [6 s][9 h]
    [3 d][6 s]
    [4 h][3 c]
    [K c][A d]
    [8 s][K h]
    [9 h][4 c]
    [8 s][2 s]
    [8 s][6 h]
    [J h][9 c]

    [8 c][6 s]
    [A h][8 d]
    [Q s][4 c]
    [T c][8 s]
    [J c][6 h]
    [5 h][8 h]
    [9 c][J c]
    [Q d][5 d]
    [8 d][A h]
    [5 c][3 d]
    [T c][A d]
    [K c][Q h]
    [7 c][A h]
    [6 c][T h]
    [5 d][T c]
    [A h][K d]
    [Q h][7 d]
    [K c][9 c]
    [K c][6 c]
    [5 d][6 s]

    [J h][8 s]
    [3 c][7 c]
    [8 h][2 s]
    [8 s][7 d]
    [Q c][A d]
    [9 s][J d]
    [3 s][K c]
    [3 c][Q c]
    [6 h][J s]
    [J c][4 h]
    [J c][5 s]
    [J h][7 s]
    [3 c][6 h]
    [2 h][Q s]
    [5 d][3 h]
    [T d][7 s]
    [J s][5 d]
    [A h][3 d]
    [2 s][9 s]
    [5 s][7 s]
    [Q c][7 d]

    Or is this just what I should be expecting to see on a regular basis and just need to learn how to play them better?

    Thanks for taking time to look.

  • #2
    Such streaks happen if you're playing a lot of games. Can remember streaks of over a hundred hands where I couldn't play even one. Got blinded out of many a game. You have the right idea, keep playing for your opportunities. Get a good hand, play it hard.


    • #3
      I definitely notice there are times when I catch hands quite often and other times i play for hours and little comes my way in the form of playable hands. All you can do is ride it out because the law of averages says things should turn your way sooner or later.


      • #4
        AK is not a raising hand for u?


        • #5
          don't like KQ, Q9s, or AT either? some of these hands are playable in the right spots.


          • #6
            Q9 and AT are hands that work with postion and no raise comming to you. I wouldn't call an all in with one.



            • #7
              ive gotten a lot worse before.
              in 60 hands u did get ak 3x, aq, kq. also seeing the flop w/ the 55 and 2 connectors might have been worth it.



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