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Confused by sng course

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  • Confused by sng course

    I'm confused by the "correct hands to play pre-flop" table in the middle phase section of the sng course. It seems like it's telling me to play looser as I get into an earlier position. Am I reading it right? Is that the correct play? I thought you needed to be tighter in early position. Any ways any help would be appreciated.

    I couldn't figure out how to get the table into this post and have it readable so here is a link instead.

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    Welcome to the forum, SCI!

    I don't think it's telling you to play looser in earlier position. I'll try and explain what I see:

    Going from right to left, it's telling you to be looser with a shorter stack than with a bigger stack, because you can make do with slightly worse hands as your stack health dwindles. So, far right is short stack recommendations (looser), far left is big stack recommendations (tighter).

    From bottom to top, it's telling you to loosen up if nobody has limped or raised before your turn to act. Bottom says that if someone raises, it means they're pretty strong, so throw away all but your good hands. At the top, it says that if everyone folds to you, you can loosen up a bit.

    The chart's use of position is a bit awkward, because this isn't a chart where position fits on the top-to-bottom or left-to-right dimensions. I think there are other charts elsewhere which are more straightforward in regards to position.

    Hope that helps. Shout back if you're still confused. The charts can throw people off a bit.


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      PanickyPoker thanks for the reply and the welcome. Oh yeah and hi everybody.

      So I get what your saying going to the right should be looser, and going down should be tighter. If somebody raises they probably have a hand. But the way I'm reading the chart (and I think the mistake is mine) it seems to say the opposite. Wait. Wait. Wait. I get it.

      Man do I feel like an idiot, but I'm glad I typed the above it's what made me see my mistake. I had the categories in my head backwards. Cat 7 is worse then cat 3. So top to bottom is getting tighter. But I kept thinking 7 that's better then 3. Oh well. Hey thanks again for the help, hope this helps somebody else.



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