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Fixed Limit Ring Game Bankroll Tips?

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  • Fixed Limit Ring Game Bankroll Tips?

    I'm trying to add FLHE to my list of games. I'm hoping to become skilled in NL and FL and eventually make money playing various HE games. Here's my question: are there different BRM suggestions for FL players? Should you ever leave a table once your profit has reached a certain amount to preserve your wins? Any advice is appreciated. umbup:

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    I try to use the same the same principals. I never left a game because I was up a certain amount. If I wasn't comfortable with my play, I did leave however. Limit is a different animal and one must know they will get ran down. However, when you are ahead. Get value, they will call and catch up. But, when using correct BRM. You need to get value while ahead. Just don't be results oriented.



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      I don't know if it translates to FLHE as well as FLO8, but I've been seeing much better BRM returns for me this month playing FL. I've even made the move upwards in blind levels from what I was previously playing and have made profit in every session except the one session I played at the lower level blinds again. I just find with FL there's no room for bluffing, you just have to play solid poker and not try and get too fancy. Those with second best hands will call you down as it doesn't cost them much but if you're the one being consistently solid in your play you end up on time more often than not.


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        My thinking is somewhat table game oriented. In table games, like blackjack, a smart gambler plays for a 10% gain, plays with anything he can get over that, then runs with his profits.

        I use the same idea in the ring games, but with a specific monetary goal. If I go over that amount, I'll play with anything over, but will leave if I drop under.

        Of course I should preface my comments with the disclaimer that I am yet to achieve the upper limit, (read profit), though I have reached the nadar all too often.


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          Thanks guys. I guess I'll just be playing solid poker, trying my best to bump the good ol' roll.


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            In some ways limit is the most difficult of all


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              Originally posted by XXChris123 View Post
              In some ways limit is the most difficult of all

              listen to this guy when it comes to FL


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                in limit you get small rewards for correct decisions
                your opponents are hurt very little to suck out on you
                in NL you get larger rewards for correct decisions , also your opponents are punished harshly for making mistakes. This alone protects a player who plays well. If a person plays well I recommend playing NL. To explore your game I say add in some limit poker. I think to truly make a profit you need to go to NL though.


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                  I just want to diversify my game so I don't get bored, and so I can just be a better overall player. I'm putting most of my effort into NL, but I want to eventually put some solid hours into FL when I find some good learning resources.


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                    I think limit teaches you to play better at NL



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