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  • Folding...

    I am going through the SNG course and learning piles as that is pretty much what I play irl and online all the time I am shuffling through the pages there like no bodies business. I play the 500+30 tables with 6 players to start most of the time so there are 2 prizes 1st and 2nd only so the bubble is 3 people... but I am finding that rather than actually folding only 4 of 5 hands I am folding around 9 of 10 or maybe even as much as 14 of 15 hands if I follow the rules to the letter of the law. Am I reading something wrong or missing something?
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    More Detail

    I am going through my hand log and I am presently finding it takes me over 25 hands to get a Cat 1 to Cat 4 hand and therefore one that is suggested to be played. Is that average over average or under average and am I playing it right?


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      Hey, CDN - so, what percentage of flops do you see, then?


      So what do the statistics show as being percentage of flops you see? I used to be from 30-60%

      Now I'm down in the 20 - 30% range - which I understand is more "normal".



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        If you have specific questions regarding 6-max, you might want to post them in the Team Pokerstars Online Q&A forum. In particular, nanonoko is a 6-max expert.

        I believe that in 6-max games, you're supposed to loosen up more than you would in full ring games. If you're following advice for full ring tables, then you might be playing too tight. That being said, playing tight doesn't mean you're playing bad. If it is working, then you're doing great.


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          Well tc, Id say I see about 1 in 25 hands so 4-10% max which is really low I find but that is based on the info that is in the PSO school if I follow the rules that is I am playing alot of different ways lately though going from really tight to insane loose playing 72o for instance just to get a feel for things how do certain play styles work who calls who folds when they fold does using the timer as your "face" and thought process etc. but I keep wondering if playing super tight is a bad thing cuz then peeps can get a tag on u and you never really seem to move forward


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            Thanks Panicky will do


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              Hey DJ, welcome to the pso and the forum.
              I think, but this is me, that a 15 to 20 percent range would be more appropriate. For the pso, personally, I see even less...if I hit 10 that is high. Just my opinion though and everyone knows I'm a nit.
              Good idea from panicky.
              I will be sending you a pm this week.
              Take care and best o' luck out there!



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