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question about white star

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  • question about white star

    why do some have green check and some dont?

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    It's all described in the league information... Whitestar means that a player didn't play cash games and earn 20 VPP the previous month.


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      As to the green checkmarks, you get one once you qualify. You qualify after playing five games in the league.

      If you're interested in becoming active, you cannot do anything with the current month. That means most newer members start off as a whitestar, (non-cash), player. If you can earn 20 VPPS by the end of February, you will be active in March.

      Ignore Fpps, those are worthless. To learn how many vpps you have, go to the main page, select cashier, and scroll down to "vip status." Be sure the line reading "current month" shows twenty before the month ends, and you're active next month. That means you have to earn your status every month since vpps will reset to zero at the end of the month.

      Best way to earn the vpps is in ring games. Your bankroll will determine what level you should be playing. Good luck on the tables.


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        Welcome to the pso and the forum t.buck!
        Along with the other info you've received here, when you go to the cashier>vip status to look at your vpps, check out the info in the blue link in that box.."more info on vip club" in the middle there. It will take you to a page that gives you the breakdown on how vpps are awarded.
        I will be sending you a pm w/ an invite to a home game for new members. If you wish to chat live and get a little coaching, I encourage you to check it out.
        Take care and best o' luck out there.


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          Re: VPP's and FPP's - FPP's do have "value"


          I have found that I am able to use FPP's to play in 10-FPP tourneys and 20-FPP tourneys.

          I have been in the money (itm) in.. well, let me look at my spread-sheet.. 10 of them, as of today - not much - but money...

          So.. FPP's have THAT value... I looked at how many FPP's it would take to "buy" a book, and it's more FPP's than I'll have - for some time - So I think this is a good way to go - Free tourneys!



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            Depending on what you want, the rewards are different.


            There is no other way to say it. These are worthless. If you are a bronze star player, you can use these to play in turbo games that have cash prizes. That is good and if you are a lucky person, well worth the time. Expect all-in plays in the early rounds since you will need to double-up at least three times before the antes.

            Regardless of how many of these you get, they will not make you active in the PSO.


            These are earned via the cash games. The higher the fee, the more points. A ten-cent fee will earn you 0.55 vpps. The tournament route will cost you around $45 to earn the 20 vpps you need to become active. This cost will be reduced by winnings, so if you are a good MTT player, this is a good idea.

            Most here will play ring games. Any hand with a rake will earn you vpps if you are not sitting out the hand. Note that there is a difference between folding and sitting out. Folding will earn you a share of the vpps from that hand equal to that of the players wagering. Remember that the rake begins at twenty-cents. My personal opinion, from experience, is that the 5-cent/10-cent limit ring games offer you the best chance of earning the vpps needed.

            You must earn 20-vpps each month to qualify for active status in the following month.

            I cannot emphasize the need to remember this difference. One time I earned 21.05 Fpps and thought I would be active. Surprise, earning that many Fpps earned me 14 vpps. I did not make it to active. Lesson learned. I cannot tell you the number of members who insist that you need those Fpps. THEY ARE WRONG - WRONG - WRONG!



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