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Etiquette question: slow roll

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  • Etiquette question: slow roll

    This was an online hand, but I could face a similar scenario at a live game, so I would like to know your opinion.
    MTT, early stage. I have Kh9h UTG and limp in. Another guy limps in and the cut-off min raises. I call, the other guy calls.
    The flop is AhQh7h giving me the nut flush.
    I check, the next guy raises half the pot and the last guy goes all in.
    I would usually snap call here, but there is a guy behind me who bet the flop and I want to encourage him to call too, so I pretend it is a difficult decision. I even go on time bank, and finally call. And the third guy also calls! YES! I take down a nice pot and knock out two opponents.
    But I kind of felt bad for the first guy. Technically, I did slow roll him big time. It was a strategic slow roll, but still...
    What do you think? Cool or not cool?

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    not cool...but it´s the game of deception...a bit to much that case I type sry bro or gg


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      I am wondering with what hands villains went all in and called. Villain should not make his decision based on the time you need but on his own hand equity. And with this board if I was the one last to act I would need a very good hand to be able to proceed no matter how much time you need. The first one who went all in could have the nut flush as well.

      Personally I don't think that slow rolling online has the same strategic value as in live games. Taking time doesn't have to mean you are thinking about this hand. Maybe you are busy with another game , maybe you got a phone call , maybe you needed to get to the loo. And in this case it was unnecessary because you had still 2 streets to go. All it does now i.m.o. you use up a part of you time bank you may be needing in future hands.

      There is a rule that you are not allowed to use more time then normally necessary to make a decision. Of course this rule is not for incidents but only when I take my complete time for almost every hand . When I have 7 2 UTG normally I should not have to think long before mucking them , but if I am busy on another table it can take longer.


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        First things first.. when first to be into the pot DO NOT open-limp... that's what losing fish do. We want to make a standard raise or fold.

        Timebanking with the nuts... NOT COOL. It can be a type of angle shooting, which is illegal, if you timebank and type anything in chat..

        John (JWK24)

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          but u trying get 2nd player in with nutz lol thats playing hand too max; so online,to live they cant hit u yet lol
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            VR here"shark attack" dran Vreality
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              donna1906, the villain who went all in had AQ, pretty sloppy move with 3 hearts out there... the other guy had the J-high flush. So yeah, I don't think my slow roll had any strategic effect on him, pretty sure he would have called anyway.

              JWK24, so no such a thing as a "strategic slow roll", right? Angle shooting?! Wow. I really thought it was only a matter of etiquette. Thanks for the advice!


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                1. In this instance you should lean more towards raising preflop with K9s utg.

                2. In my opinion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you did there. Absolutely nothing illegal. From what I read you did not type anything in the chat. You wanted the other guy to think you had a difficult decision; it worked. Nice hand.

                3. If it was just you and the all-in guy, then it would be a slowroll with the nuts. I don't think we should be using the term slowroll in this instance. It really wasn't, was it? A slowroll would be if you were last to act and stalled with the nuts. I agree with you that this is more of a strategic move. Your strategy of convincing the third guy you weren't that strong worked.
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