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3 backdoors on the flop...

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  • 3 backdoors on the flop...

    Hello All,

    A situation I've found my self in a few times recently, and have seen on Twitch streams too, is when there's 3 backdoors on the flop.

    For Example...

    You hold Ad3d and the flop comes down 2s Jd Tc. You check and your opponent bets, you don't think he has anything but he's lead out after you've shown weakness.

    I've ten diamonds, three Queens, three Kings, three 4, three 5. Leaving asside three overcard aces, that's 22 outs to improve to a flush draw/ gut shot/ gutshot flushdraw. Appromimately 45%.

    After that I'm not sure how to follow the math... but is the 3-backdoors ever worth persuing, with or without the over card?



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    But you only counted the flop not what comes the turn, about +1 out the back door flush and +1 out back door straight. And 3 aces and half out if come the turn and river 3 and 3. So about you calculate 6 out the best ways from flop to river you have got 24%. I added villain range 22+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T8s+,97s+,86s+,76s,A8o+,KT o+,QTo+,JTo so these range you have got 26%. But lot of things depend, how to play your opponent how many times beted the turn, and how play, about tight, lag, or maniac.


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      The easiest way to calculate backdoors I've found was to do it Harrington's way.... each backdoor is worth 1.5 outs, so 3% equity per street.

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