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Shallow money

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  • Shallow money

    Could someone please explain in simple terms the difference between deep and shallow money.

    I understand the concept im just not which is deep and which is shallow

    Cheers Steve

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    I am surprised no one has responded. I will give this my best shot, but if Noodles reads this , He is the best at giving these types of explanations.

    "Deep" money is when you and/or most players have a lot of chips or money is relation to the blinds. Example is when a 10,000 chips tourny starts and the blinds are 25-50. Your stack is 200 times the big blind.

    "Shallow" money is when you do NOT have a lot of chips/money in relation to the blinds. Example is when you have 5,000 in chips and the antes are 200 with blinds at 500 and 1000. With a 10-person table that means a "lap" of blinds and antes cost you 3500. That eats up a stack very quickly.

    There are a lot of strategic decisions based on the ratio of you stack size to the big blind.

    Hope this helps.

    Shane aka Jeff


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      Just a suggestion, but perhaps, since this is a school, a "poker glossary" might be helpful (I wasn't sure quite how this was defined, either!).



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          Thanx, ironside! There must be many such gems deeply buried in this site.

          Still, I noticed the "deep-" and "shallow-money" aren't in there...



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            In tournament play I tend to think the number of trips around the table I can buy with my current stack. More than 10 rounds I tend to play normal. Under 10 to 4 rounds I expand my choices some, but I want to be able to make a move and not give opponents proper odds to call (as is that stops most of them). Under 3 and it is usually push and pray.

            Somewhere around 10 rounds or 1/2 of par stack is where I feel "shallow" money play begins in PSO toruneys.


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              Deep means there is a lot of money in play at the table in relation to the blinds/ante. Shallow means the opposite.

              For example, in a raised pot, if it was over 10% of relevant stacks to call a bet, then you are in a shallow money situation. 10% or less to call is deep.

              In an unraised pot, probably around 20X BB stacks is the borderline, with a bit bit more with an ante. Something around that, roughly.


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                Thanks everyone for the info
                This is why i love poker school

                Keep up the good work all
                and keep smiling 8)