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Thinking things through

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  • Thinking things through

    I just finished a NLHE satellite and thought I'd share a particular hand with you. The lesson I learned from the hand is that if I stop to think things through, I may see that the best move is completely the opposite of my first instinct.

    I was in the BB with AKo, a player 2 seats to the left of me makes a pot size raise. I called (just the 2 of us). The flop brought 27J. I check. He makes a pot sized raise (roughly half of either of our stacks -- I had about a $500 lead on him). I almost immediately go to fold the hand. Instead, I hit the time button and think it through. After really thinking about what hand he may have, I decided to reraise all-in. I correctly put him on a medium pocket pair, which he told me was TT and then folded.

    I picked up a huge pot in a situation where my 'automatic pilot' was inclined to fold. As I get ready for my trip to Tunica, I'm going to be sure to stop and think before EVERY move I make and not just go with my first inclination. I know that seems like obvious advice, but it is much harder to follow than I thought.


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    you read was good
    and your bluff worked here in school but dont expect it too in B&M i think his fold was wrong if he had over 50% of his stack in pot
    unless the next seat paid and there was another short stack