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repost on add on and rebuy

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  • repost on add on and rebuy

    Buy in for the toutnament 35$ 500 chips
    rebuy $15 500 chips
    add on $20 1000 chips

    rules did not say how many rebuys.
    rounds are 20 min long limit holdem.

    rebuy if chips fall to 500 or below.

    thought about buying in, will rebuy one time if needed, and will take the add on no matter what.

    one more question, in the rules they say that there is no "rabbit hunting". i give, just could not figure it out.

    thanks for all the help


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    "Rabbit hunting" is when a player will ask the dealer to show the card that would have been the next board card in a hand that is not completed. For example, a player bets the turn and gets no callers, but another player, or even the one who wins the pot, will say "dealer, what would the river have been?", or "let's see the river"...etc. This is referred to as "rabbit hunting". It's a time waster and useless. Good rule!! Should be that way in all games.



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      This would be my plan for the tournament structure you described.

      As soon as my chip count went down below 500 I would do the rebuy of $15 for 500 more chips. In fact. What I would do (I am serious about this also) is this. --- Limp (or call even once small bet raise) on the VERY FIRST HAND even with 2-7. and then FOLD. Don't worry about the flop. After the hand is over and BEFORE the shuffle announce you are below 500 and do a rebuy for $15.00. If you are the blind, then that is even better, just fold and announce you want a rebuy after the hand. The end result is that you have 990 (or thereabouts) in chips.

      Then I would play TIGHT. Not just tight. BUT REALLY TIGHT. and WATCH the other players. See what they do, what they play, etc. If I got involved in a hand and lost down to about 650 or less, I would try to get down to less than 500 and do another rebuy. I know that sounds wierd to try to loose chips, but I would have that possibility in my mind.

      THEN I would do the add-on when it is available. My goal is to have at least 2000 or so in chips after add-on is done. If I can win some hands and be at 2500 or 3000 then that is a bonus.

      Then the REAL tournament starts. Generally people will play much "tighter" after the addon, but some people will still be splashing the chips and jamming away. (Another beer for my friend there with that big stack. Yeah the guy that made the flush on the river with the Q-3.)

      Good luck. and no rabbit hunting. Those wascally wabbits.