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Another "lucky" call by me?

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  • Another "lucky" call by me?

    $50 limit holdem 1000 starting chips, 28 starters 11 left, the table is six handed
    I have apx 600
    UTG has 440
    The BB has apx 900

    57sauce dealt down Qh 2c
    SB posts the small blind $200
    57sauce posts the big blind $300
    UTG calls $300
    PLAYER A folds
    PLAYER B folds
    PLAYER C folds
    SB calls $100
    57sauce checks
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Jh Kd As ]
    SB checks
    57sauce checks
    UTG bets $140 and is all-in
    SB folds
    57sauce called time
    57sauce calls $140
    UTG shows cards Js Ac
    57sauce shows cards Qh 2c
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Th ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 9s ]
    57sauce wins $1,180
    57sauce won with an ace high straight
    UTG finishes in 11th place

    Now at the end of the hand I got some flack for the call, was I right to? I was getting 1:8 pot odds for a four outer (not including a runner runner Q or duce). (1:12on the turn, 1:11 on the river?) Do these odds justify a call? Even if I was getting the full 1:12 to call do I still do it, because of my shallow money?

    Thanks for the help again,

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    dont know about lottery hold em but in nlhe its a no brainer call


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      UTG should have raised pre-flop instaed of limping. Short-handed with a micro-stack you raise with ace-paint EVERY TIME. And even then you would have been right to call from the BB. If the SB, getting 3.9:1, called you're getting 8.4:1 odds and 6.7:1 if they don't. Against likely holding of Ax, Kxs, paint-paint, or any pair you are getting the right odds. Only up against AA, KK, KQ, QJ are you a big dog.

      As it unfolded you were faced with a $140 call for a $1040 pot for 7.4:1 pot odds. You needed a 10 or runner-runner Q or 2 to win. The 4-outer 10 is 5:1 and the runner-runner potential (0.2%) has negligible impact. However since Ax or Kx are likely holdings for the UTG's raise, if you add runner-runner two pair to the mix your odds improve to 4.6:1. You are getting a healthy overlay to your call, so it is an automatic call here.

      I would make a case for betting the flop here and giving UTG (who could have limped with a small pair as easily as with AJ) a decision. If you are going to call anyway why not bet. This should be done ONLY when you are reasonably sure that SB wouldn't check-raise however.

      Was it a bad call, NO WAY!