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betting in omaha and o8

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  • betting in omaha and o8

    I understand it will depend apon the texture of the game and the bet structures but when do you bet in omaha? I find myself checking and calling more than I feal is right. For my questions I'll say its a limit 08 ring game 4/8 with a avg table of players. (to me an avg table is 3 old guys that play everyday and are rocks 1 person were all they know is 2 from the hand 3 from the board and they forget every once in a while, 2 freinds that know how to play poker but wanted a change from holdem. and me.)

    1) Do you always bet the nuts? Say you were on the BB and had AK79 mixed and the flop came 5d6c8d You have the nuts now but for how long?

    2) Do you bet your good draws? How many outs is a good draw?

    When ever I play I think I might be too passive I have a hard time betting If I have a "good" hand but not the nuts even if I feel I do have the best hand.

    Thanks for any help

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    I', going to give a universal prevace "it depends."

    O/8 with A,K, 7,9, what are you doing in the pot with a piece of cheese.
    Okay, you got a free roll in the bug blind.
    What have you got: tempoary nut str8 which is good for a split pot with the low draw. How many people in the hand (are they the rocks or the friends looking to get lucky).

    I would bet the flop to see if there is anyone competing for the money. Proceed with caution. Someone with a set and the nut low will probably raise your bet or someone with the nut low and the same str8. You have to understand you are only going for 1/2 to 1/4 of the pot "IF" your str8 holds up. If there is a lot of action after your bet you might have to decide to dump this hand to keep from re-buying for the next hand.

    It all depends on how well you know the players. Are you playing with people who will start jaming the pot with a nut low or with a nut low and a draw to some potential high.

    Betting a draw depends on your table image and how much you are willing to gamble. Do you have the discipline to dump the hand if you make a weak high and encounter a lot of action. Does your hand have more ways to 'make' other than the draw. In O/8, it is sometimes profitable to bet hands that have high low possibililities. Another thing you must consider is the number of players who will contest for the pot to the river. If you are against the calling station, you need to let up because he wants to see what you have. If the rock doesn't make some kind of good hand he'll give up on the turn.

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