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What is a rebuy and an add on?

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  • What is a rebuy and an add on?

    I'm new to the game this month. Yhe local casino offers a 96 man limit hold'em tournement. they informed me that there is a add on and a rebuy. tournement is olny $35 and just thought i'd try it for the experience of a live game.

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    PSO Glossary


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      REBUY - a chance to purchase additional chips;
      (a) until a certain level of play in the tournament [about 3rd or 4th), (b) sometimes you must be below a specified amount of chips,
      (c) some casinos make buy-ins attractive by giving a bonus amount of chips for rebuys (this encourages players to rebuy and helps the casino meet its guarantee prize fund level as well as giving the player more tournament action),
      (d) some casinos have a limit number of rebuys while some have unlimited number of rebuys

      ADD-ON - a final chance to buy-in for additional chips;
      (a) usually after the rebuy period ends,
      (b) some casinos add bonus chips for the price value ,
      (c) most often a player can 'add-on' regardless of the amount of chips he/she has.


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        Things for you to consider in your specific situation:

        Most people in tournaments with an add-on will almost allways take the add-on. It usually is at least the same amount of chips you bought in for, and sometimes even MORE. (Be sure to check this out. -- Also, YOU should be prepared to do the add-on. If you do not, it will usually make you a short stack at that time.). It is not unusual for a lot of the field to do rebuys. Some people will probably do a LOT of rebuys. Go into the tournament with a plan of how many rebuys you will do and if you will do the add-on. My personal general plan is to take one rebuy if I can qualify, and almost always do the add-on.

        Generally, some people will play very loose before the add-on period. These folks will chase draws, bottom pair hoping to hit the kicker, and one overcard draws to the river. Usually wild and wooly in the first few stages before the add-on. AFTER the add-on, you may think you are playing with a different crowd. Most people play very tight and different. Just be aware.

        Find out:

        How many chips you will start with
        What are the starting blind levels
        How long are the rounds
        What is the critera for rebuys, How much $ for a rebuy, and how many chips do you get?
        Same thing for add-on. Criteria?, $?, and chips?

        If you repost that info, I and other folks with lots more live tourny experince than I have will be happy to help. I know Buschman plays a lot of tourneys around Tunica.